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SASKATOON, Saskatchewan (LifeSiteNews) – A group of concerned Canadian parents braved frigid temperatures over the weekend to protest a gender-confused man who says he is a woman and walked around naked in the women’s changing room at a public swimming pool.

The protest occurred outside City Hall in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan this past Saturday, with about 25 parents demanding action be taken against the gender-confused man, whose naked body was in full view to all, including little girls.

“The woke @cityofsaskatoon and@charlieclarkyxe have some serious explaining to do. Do you seriously stand for this?! Virtue signalling that this is #inclusive at the expense of our children is beyond disgusting. This is a call out to change policy to protect our kids,” reads a tweet posted Saturday promoting the event from @kelseyAOT.

The information regarding the incident, which happened last Thursday, was posted January 26 on Facebook via the “Canada First” account run by the Buffalo Party’s Mark “Grizzly Patriot” Friesen.

As per the Western Standard, a parent said the man in question was allowed to walk around the girls’ change room and the public pool at the Shaw Centre in Saskatoon with no underwear or towel.

The parent complained to the Shaw Centre, which said that a person could use whatever changing room goes with one’s “gender identity.”

The Shaw Centre confirmed its policy of allowing use of bathrooms according to a chosen gender.

The office of Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said, according to the Western Standard, that while it is aware of the parents’ concerns, it will take no action against the Shaw Centre, which is under municipal authority.

Because of the inaction from the Shaw Centre, the city or the province, the parents are now considering calling the police to have the man charged with indecency.

The parents plan to have another protest this Saturday.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable push in western nations to actively promote gender ideology to young people, particularly in the United States and Canada.

In fact, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal government pledged a whopping $100 million in funding last year for LGBT activist groups.

Canadian-American author Kira Davis recently was dropped by her largest sponsor after offering a view on so-called “gender identity” and the LGBT community that runs contrary to the mainstream narrative.

In a recent opinion piece published by LifeSiteNews, Jonathon Van Maren noted how it is not a conspiracy theory that “groomers” really do want to sexualize children.

“The sexualization of children was the explicitly stated goal of the early sexual revolutionaries,” Van Maren noted.

“We do not need to theorize or extrapolate on the intentions of these revolutionaries. We simply need to listen to what they are saying, and to believe them when they tell us what they want to do.”