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Jazz Jennings talks about his book 'I am Jazz'.

MOUNT HOREB, Wisconsin, December 1, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – A Wisconsin elementary school has backed off of promoting transgenderism to its primary students, thanks to a mother who alerted Liberty Counsel.

The Mount Horeb Area School District released a statement saying it won't proceed with its planned reading of “I Am Jazz,” the transgender-normalizing book by LGBTQ activist Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings.

The book is about a boy who identifies as a girl from the age of two, “with a boy's body and a girl's brain.” He eventually finds a doctor who tells his parents, “Jazz is transgender.”

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The decision comes after the Florida-based Liberty Counsel sent a letter to the school district.

“The District is not free to override parental rights and religious beliefs by subjecting impressionable children to confusion about something as important as gender and sexuality,” the Liberty Counsel letter to school board president Mary Seidl stated.

“The reading of I am Jazz and following discussions about gender confusion and sexuality are the first step toward remaking the moral beliefs of District students, which the District may not do,” the letter concluded.

Parents in Maine began to inquire about the book when Horace Mitchell Primary had a reading of it for their young children, and the kids came home wondering if they, too, might be transgender.

“The book is inappropriate,” Julaine K. Appling, President of Wisconsin Family Action, told LifeSiteNews.  “Public school classrooms should not be places where children are subjected to social experimentation.”

Appling continued, “I’m glad a parent blew the whistle on this situation, and that’s really the important take-away from this incident:  the only way parents can be effective whistle-blowers is by being engaged—very engaged—in the school and classroom where their child is.”

Richard Mast, Litigation Attorney with Liberty Counsel, stated, “Transgender education substitutes the beliefs of the principal and school psychologist for those of parents. Bringing transgender activism into schools undermines the privacy rights of students, the free speech rights of teachers who cannot in good conscience address a child by the opposite sex pronoun, and the religious rights of families.”

Dr. Paul McHugh, former Chief Psychiatrist for Johns Hopkins Hospital, says one's gender cannot be changed.  He wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that affirming a gender-confused girl is a boy, or that a gender-confused man is a woman, does “no favors either to the public or the transgendered.”

Psychiatrist Dr. McHugh wrote that gender confusion is “as a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment and prevention.”  While the student should be treated with kindness and respect, schools should not affirm what Dr. McHugh calls “a harmful delusion.”

“We are way past the time when parents can assume all is well in the public schools where so many send their children,” Appling concluded.  “The school has indicated the issue isn’t over;  parents must be as committed to holding schools accountable as schools are with advancing their own dangerous agenda.”

Indeed, while the school district has conceded to parental concerns for now, they have admitted that they intend to “revisit” the issue in the near future.

The Gay Star News advocates that homosexual propaganda be commonplace in elementary schools across the country.  Maine's Horace Mitchell Primary School guidance counselor wrote, “Some may think primary school students are too young to worry about addressing issues surrounding gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) student/s. Not so, experts say.”