TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI, May 25, 2012, ( – In recent weeks, the push to redefine marriage has found supporters in the corporate world in areas as diverse as comic books and retail household goods. Now two pro-family organizations are pushing back.


Marvel Comics has announced that the mutant superhero Northstar of the X-Men is scheduled to “marry” his mutant boyfriend, Kyle, in Astonishing X-Men issue #51. The issue will hit newsstands in June, just in time for LGBT month.

At the same time, competitor DC Comics has announced one of its existing, beloved characters will come out of the closet as a homosexual.

That was too much for Monica Cole, the parent of a young child and the director of One Million Moms, a project of the American Family Association.

“Children really admire these superheroes.They love them. They want to be just like them. They’re role models,” Cole told “Now these two companies are putting a positive light on a sinful lifestyle choice.”

She said alluding to the character’s sex life prematurely targets children and forces parents to address the issue of sexual orientation too early. 

The group has launched an online campaign asking concerned parents, “Please send DC Comics (Warner Bros. Entertainment Company) and Marvel (Disney) an email urging them to change and cancel all plans of homosexual superhero characters immediately.”

However, she is not alone in fighting back against corporate sponsors of state-enforced marriage redefinition. reported Wednesday that Target will donate up to $120,000 from the proceeds of its “Wear it with Pride” t-shirt promotion to the Family Equality Council, an organization that supports same-sex “marriage.”

Target is now opposing a state constitutional amendment to defend marriage on the grounds of “inclusivity and diversity.”

“Target does not believe that a constitutional fight over the issue is good for Minnesota or the state’s ability to attract jobs and grow the economy,” the company said in a press release. “Consistent with our long-standing support of civic engagement, we are encouraging our team members to exercise their right to vote.”

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The retail giant made a roughly equivalent donation in 2010 to a group that supported Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, a pro-business candidate who pledged to defend marriage – a donation that incensed the homosexual community in the company’s Minnesota home base.

Andy Parrish, deputy campaign manager for Minnesota for Marriage, which supports the marriage amendment, says this was the retailer’s attempt to “make nice” with the homosexual community.

“Target has alienated the strong majority of Minnesotans who support traditional marriage,” he wrote in a fundraising e-mail. “They also risk alienating the overwhelming majority of their customers in the 32 states in this country that have voted to support traditional marriage.”

The pro-family group continues to raise money before the Minnesota state referendum this November.

Corporations believe backing trendy causes that are popular with niche markets is sound business strategy. Cole and Parrish hope to disprove that notion.

Cole said sometimes the only way to get a company’s attention is by threatening its bottom line.

“If they’re worried about losing our business, hopefully they’ll change what they’re presenting to our children,” she said.

To send an e-mail to DC and Marvel comics.

Contact Minnesota for Marriage here.