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GRANT, Michigan (LifeSiteNews) — Parents and other citizens have succeeded in getting a school board to vote to remove an LGBT mural at a middle school health center in a battle that began last year.

The removal is part of the new agreement with Baldwin Family Health Care to operate a clinic at Grant Middle School.

“Unless directly related to providing medical/mental health services, all wall decorations shall be approved by the Board President or delegee and by the Superintendent,” according to the agreement. “The parties agree that the existing mural will be removed, and any damages related to the removal will be at the Baldwin Family Health Care, Inc.’s expense. Removal or other modification of the mural will occur before October 31, 2023.”

The mural shows “a student wearing a T-shirt with the colors of the transgender Pride flag, two students wearing the colors of the bisexual Pride flag, and another wearing rainbow Pride colors,” according to Fox News.

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“Parents were concerned that several images – especially one of an all-seeing eye, and another that looks like the devil – were demonic in nature,” LifeSite previously reported.

The mural was outside the local middle school’s Child and Adolescent Health Center. It also showed animals holding giant needles – an explicit promotion of the dangerous COVID-19 shots.

“While it is disappointing that the mural must be removed by the end of October, it’s a compromise we reluctantly were willing to accept to ensure the children of the Grant community continue to have access to medical and behavioral health care,” Family Health Care spokesperson Alan Neushwander said, according to Fox News.