TORONTO, Ontario, March 29, 2012 ( – Parents are set to protest outside Queen’s Park today (Thursday) against the McGuinty government’s Bill 13, the anti-bullying bill that they say threatens to undermine religious and parental freedom. It takes place from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Organizer Kim Galvao, chair of Concerned Catholic Parents of Ontario, delivered the following statement at a press conference at Queen’s Park on Wednesday afternoon:

Concerned Catholic Parents of Ontario is a group of parents and other Catholics who believe that the State is increasingly trespassing on parental rights and pushing programs in our schools which undermine the Christian values parents instill in their kids at home.

Dalton McGuinty’s Bill 13 purports to be about punishing bullies and reducing bullying in schools. We agree completely with those “apparent” goals. The most common reason kids are bullied is because of their physical appearance, for example being too fat, too skinny, or wearing glasses. Kids may be bullied for many other reasons such as being shy or having same-sex attraction. Bullying is always wrong, no matter what the reason.


However, Bill 13 has been criticized by parents, religious leaders and family values groups across Ontario over the controversial, Sex Ed component of the proposed legislation.

As a mom of three children in elementary school, I am very alarmed to see a sexual agenda being imposed on our schools through Dalton McGuinty’s Bill 13. As a mom, I do not want my young children taught that there are seven different genders. As a mom, I do not want my young children taught the disputed theory that a person’s gender is not connected to their physical anatomy.  As a faithful Catholic, I strongly object that our religious schools are being forced to permit clubs that contradict its Christian mission.  Bill 13 does all these things. It violates parental rights and attacks the freedom of religion.

This government may not share the values of traditional principled families. However, it must nonetheless respect the right of parents to teach their children about human sexuality according to their faith convictions, without being undermined by the State.  The bottom line is that it is too much information.  This type of education does not benefit the child, but rather hurts the child, by causing confusion, and worry, pitting the school against the parents.


As Parents we’re called to be wise, prudent and vigilant.  We are called to protect our children when we sense danger.  It is for this reason, I’m here today to announce a Protest Rally against Bill 13 that will take place at Queens Park Thursday March 29, 2012, starting at 2:00 pm.  Concerned parents, Grandparents, and Youth from across Ontario, from many different faiths, will face this legislature tomorrow and demand that bill 13 be voted down, unless the offensive clauses are removed. Parents like me have not been heard by Premier McGuinty. Tomorrow we hope he will hear us at this protest rally.

Find the flyer to promote the rally here.

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