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Parents urged to keep fighting for repeal of Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum

James Risdon James Risdon

TORONTO, July 18, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) -- Premier Doug Ford’s pledge to scrap the LGBTQ agenda-laden, sex-ed curriculum is real, but pro-family parents in Ontario will still need to keep up the pressure during the coming public consultations, says a political analyst.

“As soon as the minister of education announces the public consultation process, parents and concerned citizens throughout the province should take advantage of every opportunity,” said Jack Fonseca, a senior political analyst with Campaign Life Coalition.

“Every forum must be attended by pro-family parents,” he said.

After sweeping into power in a landslide victory that left the Ontario Liberals in tatters in June, the Conservatives quickly announced they would make good on one of the premier’s campaign promises: throw out the sex-ed curriculum put in place by the Liberals.

That curriculum, aimed at elementary school kids, teaches about gender identity and sexual consent.

Still, getting rid of the sex-ed curriculum has been a controversial move.

James Ryan, former president of the gay pride parade-supporting Ontario English Teachers’ Association, quickly suggested on social media that most teachers will simply ignore any attempt to revert back to the former curriculum.

Education Minister Lisa Thompson further fanned the flames Monday by saying students would still be taught about sexual consent and gender identity.

Within hours, she recanted.

And Ford pledged to undertake extensive public consultations on the sex-ed curriculum, going to all 124 of the province’s ridings in what is being billed as the biggest consultation about education in Ontario’s history.

But the political unrest in Ontario over the sex-ed curriculum remains palpable.

At Campaign Life Coalition, Fonseca believes the premier is sincere in his desire to consult with Ontarians but is nervous about the intentions of the education minister.

“If Lisa Thompson is in charge of that, then I am seriously concerned because even though she took it back hours later, she’s already said gender identity, gender expression and sexual consent will still be taught,” said Fonseca.

The Ontario sex-ed curriculum was to see these subjects introduced to students by Grade 3. According to Fonseca, that means some teachers could bring up these topics as early as kindergarten.

“Some of these LGBT teachers and members of school boards are teaching it much sooner,” he said. “The point is a sexual revolution. They want to tear down previous rules and morality surrounding sexuality.”

Fonseca is urging all pro-family parents to contact their members of the provincial Parliament and remind them the Conservatives were elected – at least in part – on the promise to repeal the Liberals’ sex-ed curriculum.

“In politics, there’s always the possibility of being betrayed by a politician, but, so far, Doug Ford has shown himself to be a man of principle and courage,” said Fonseca.

Critics of the traditional sex-ed curriculum argue its lack of information on sexual consent and gender identity leaves students unprepared for today’s realities and is needed to round out their education.

“That’s crazy talk,” counters Fonseca. “There’s no evidence that teaching radical gender theories will improve educational outcomes.”

According to the political analyst, teaching gender theory and sexual consent to young children only takes time away from mathematics, science, reading and writing.

Citing the high suicide rate among trans people, Fonseca claims teaching gender fluidity -- the idea that a man can identify as a woman and vice versa -- is responsible for a great deal of suffering.

“It’s increasing the likelihood that they will wind up in body bags, those who have been put on the path of changing gender identity through sex-reassignment surgery,” he said.


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