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PARIS, France, March 3, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — A Catholic school in Paris has apologized for handing out a pamphlet to students that forthrightly defends Christian teaching on sex and the sanctity of life.

Sixteen and seventeen-year-old students at Notre-Dame de Sainte-Croix, a private Catholic school, were given a sex-education booklet during catechism class.

The 80-page booklet, written by Fr. Jean-Benoît Casterman, is titled, “How to have a successful love and sex life.” It encourages abstinence, frankly addresses same-sex attraction, and discourages abortion.


Parents were “horrified,” according to

As a result of complaints, the schoolmaster, Pierrick Madinier, issued a press release apologizing, saying that booklet was distributed by the school's pastoral team before he had had the chance to examine it.

He assured parents that the pro-marriage and pro-life booklet would not be given out anymore.

In the booklet, Fr. Casterman writes that the causes of homosexual attraction are complex, but that homosexuals “are often the victims of abuse,” or may have grown up “with either under-protective or overprotective parents.”

The priest says says that people do not choose their sexual orientation, and for this reason, “homosexuals deserve our full consideration.”

Encouraging his readers to look to Christ for help, Fr. Casterman writes that “your sexual orientation does not define you,” adding, “Do not succumb to temptation.”

“Most gay people are deeply unhappy,” Fr. Casterman warns, writing that “only heterosexual couples can experience sexual bliss.” He writes, “Homosexuality will always be problematic.”

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The traditional priest also writes straightforwardly against abortion. His booklet explains that having an abortion causes “psychological distress” and post-abortive women often suffer “trauma, anxiety and depression.”

“Abortion is an irreparable act,” Fr. Casterman warns. “It is a decision that you will regret and that will haunt you for the rest of your life.” carries the booklet, which has been translated into Spanish from the original French. The promotional description reads, “This book is addressed to all young people who want to love and be loved, to all who seek solid points of reference about love, sexuality, marriage.”

The booklet seeks to give direct, honest answers to sexual issues.

“Today's society, so consumptive and relativistic, does not offer too many answers,” the Amazon item description continues, “and treats these topics from a frivolous point of view, as if the fundamental thing was to talk about protection and safe sex.”

“Boys and girls look for more than hygienic advice to avoid diseases or unwanted pregnancies. Young people must be encouraged to lead a beautiful life, to true love and to a rich and profound sexuality. Is not this the best way to respond to their concerns, to build happy families and to achieve a better world?”

The booklet addresses “the value and beauty of sexuality, marriage and fidelity.” It also speaks against pornography.