OTTAWA, Feb 20 (LSN) – Circulating in email among assistants on Parliament Hill   yesterday was a call to end the pro-life efforts of Fr Tony Van Hee. Fr Van Hee, a Catholic priest, has protested, prayed and fasted on Parliament Hill every day for the past nine years as a constant witness to the plight of the preborn.  An assistant to a Liberal MP wrote, “I’ve had enough of the Priest outside the Members'  Entrance of the Centre Block….Is there any way, do you think, through our combined efforts that we could put a stop to this fellow displaying these photos?”  Fr Van Hee has displayed pictures of children killed by abortion.  Just as it is necessary at times to show pictures of the Jewish holocaust to awaken people’s consciences, pro-lifers have learned that showing the full horror of what abortion does to children is a necessary part of the pro-life movement.  Responding to a colleague who defended Fr Van Hee’s freedom of speech, the writer of the original message hurled accusations of “narrow-mindedness,” and, repeating her first argument, the author demanded, “If you don’t get my point this time, please DON’T respond!!!!”