OTTAWA, Feb 19 (LSN) – Last Thursday Canadian Senator Hon. Stanley Haidasz, proposed the establishment of a “Special Joint Committee on the Unborn Child.” The committee is to “examine and report upon the feasibility of legislating in the area of fetal rights and the protection to the unborn child.” The pro-life senator urged the committee to pay special attention to the “lack of protection in current Canadian law of the unborn child.”  Noting that the 1997 case of the Winnipeg solvent addicted mother signaled a gap in current Canadian law respecting the rights of the unborn, Senator Haidasz reminded his colleagues that the Supreme Court judges in this case called for Parliament to enact legislation around the issue. The Senator urged the committee to “report back to Parliament with proposed alternative measures to protect the unborn child,” no later than December 31, 2000. Senator Haidasz will formally present the motion in the Senate on February 25.