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(LifeSiteNews) — In the second installment of a three-part investigative report exposing the transgender industry, conservative nonprofit Project Veritas revealed that a New Jersey gender clinic and a Houston, Texas pharmacy were seemingly willing to begin gender transition procedures for very young children and undocumented illegal immigrants.

In the first installment of the report published on Wednesday, undercover journalists had found that gender clinics were seeing patients as young as eight or nine years old, LifeSiteNews previously reported. One doctor told a Veritas reporter his gender center could prescribe puberty-blocking drugs to a 10-year-old child.

The latest video report, released Thursday, focused primarily on New Jersey’s Babs Siperstein PROUD Center in Somerville. New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy recently the state a safe haven for destructive trans interventions for kids.

“This Project Veritas investigation exposes a booming business of transgender surgeries, hormones, and puberty blockers for underage children on its way to being a one billion dollar a year industry,” a Veritas reporter said at the beginning of the video.

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Employees of the Babs Siperstein PROUD Center told undercover reporters that they’ve seen patients as young as eight and were prescribing hormones to an undocumented teen.

“So, the youngest we’ve seen come here that’s known they are trans, has been eight, nine,” LGBTQIA+ Health Navigator Ashley Isaiah Harris said.

Reporters also asked whether the center would see minors who were in the country illegally and had “no papers, parents, or insurance.”

While Harris said the center had “never had to deal with” such a case, though a minor in that situation would be directed to other resources, a colleague said the center was actively working with an undocumented teen.

Fellow “health navigator” Daniel A. Fernandez told Veritas that “we had a 14-, 15-year-old who was still undocumented. No insurance, came over the border, young trans girl [sic] really seeking out, not just resources, but family and support.” Asked whether the minor was started on hormones, Fernandez said, “She just started! Yeah, she started hormones as well.”

The comments come in spite of the fact that the PROUD center claims on its website that its transgender services are for patients ages 18 and up.

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Reporters then spoke with Perry Farhat, the administrative director of the Babs Siperstein PROUD Center who also serves as the diversity and inclusion director for the hospital. Farhat told the investigative outfit that the entire center was trained to accept undocumented patients and that they would never “turn anybody away,” even if that person lacked legal documentation.

“Oh, hell no … I would not work for an organization like that,” Farhat said. “The front desk, all the registry, all 300 of the registration people have been told and are aware that if you don’t have a license, you’ll trust that person and put their name into the system. And that’s what they’ve been doing.”

The administrator said the center never requires identification and doesn’t “provide the authorities any of our records.”

Farhat also told the Veritas investigative reporter that PROUD, an outpatient clinic, is a “no consent zone,” meaning that people entering the center seeking transgender interventions aren’t required to first obtain consent from a licensed therapist.

“A therapist doesn’t know … what right does she have to tell you that you need consent to come to us?” He said. “We don’t require that at all. So, we brought in our own therapist to write up the letters to rubber stamp our surgeries.”

Presented with a hypothetical example of an 11-year-old “transgender child” experiencing suicidal ideation due to lack of “affirmation” at home who comes to the center seeking transgender treatments, Farhat said, “That’s a lot of our patients.” However, he said 11-year-olds wouldn’t be able to get treatment at the Somerset location because the center’s doctors aren’t licensed to see patients under the age of 18.

He did say there is one doctor licensed to see children under 18 at the hospital’s New Brunswick location.

Project Veritas reporters also spoke to staff at Legacy Community Health Services Pharmacy, Montrose, in Houston, Texas.

There, an undercover reporter was told she could fill out a consent form and get an undocumented minor started on receiving hormones. A receptionist said that staff would be able to see the undocumented child as long as he got sign-off from someone 18 years old or older.

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The third installment of the video series is set to focus on the financial side of the booming transgender industry, something Daily Wire podcaster Matt Walsh highlighted in his own investigation of Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee last year.

LifeSiteNews previously reported that Vanderbilt paused its transgender offerings for minors after the Daily Wire released a blockbuster report revealing that the hospital saw transgender interventions as a “huge money maker” that brought in substantial revenue and also started gender-confused people on a continuous track of follow-up treatments.

Tennessee Republican Gov. Bill Lee has subsequently signed legislation banning mutilating transgender surgeries and destructive hormone treatments for minors.

LifeSiteNews has extensively reported that transgender surgeries and drugs, in addition to asserting a false reality that one’s sex can be changed, are linked to serious permanent physical and psychological damage, including cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, cancer, stroke, infertility, and drastically increased instances of suicidality.

Despite this, in recent years rising rates of transgender identification have been met with celebration and adulation in mainstream culture, and rates of surgical mutilation for minors have spiked. In many public-school classrooms, young children are actively being encouraged to deny their biology and live as the opposite sex.