By Meg Jalsevac

HOLLYWOOD, November 6, 2006 ( – Actor Jim Caviezel is defending his stance against Michael J. Fox’s campaign ad which was used to promote politicians who support embryonic stem cell research. Caviezel insists that he is sympathetic to Fox’s condition but wants to ensure that the public is informed of all the facts before they cast their votes.ÂÂÂ

Fox’s ad encouraged Missourians to vote ‘Yes’ on Amendment 2 which would allow scientists in the state of Missouri to use human embryos for their research. Caviezel and several other celebrities appeared in a rebuttal ad clip which encouraged Missourians to vote ‘No’ after explaining the facts surrounding the proposed amendment.

About the ad, Caviezel says, “I really care about people and the public. I believe the public needs to be informed. What they decide to choose is their choice, but I care very much.”

Caviezel says he is “absolutely for adult stem-cell research.” Adult stem-cell research is looked on as an ethical form of stem-cell research because it does not destroy embryonic life in the research process.Â

Caviezel says, “I care very much about people who have diseases, especially Parkinson’s disease, and I’d be through the moon if they ever came up with a cure for any of those diseases, especially Parkinson’s.”ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ

The election in Missouri has focused largely on the Missouri Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative – also called Amendment 2. Among other things, the amendment claims that it would ban human cloning and the buying and selling of human eggs. In fact, the amendment only prohibits implanting a human clone in a woman – not creating a clone for research purposes. It also allows for “reimbursement” for human eggs including all expenses and “lost wages of the donor”.ÂÂÂÂ

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