By John-Henry Westen

Famed Saddleback Valley Community Church Pastor Rick Warren is permitting pro-abortion Democratic Senator Barack Obama to speak at his church at the upcoming Global Summit on AIDS and the Church.  It is highly inappropriate for a Christian church to give a pedestal to someone who supports what the church teaches is murder of the innocent. 

The strange thing is that churches such as Saddleback Valley Community Church would never even consider having a white supremacist come and speak, even on an unrelated topic such as HIV/AIDS.  The church would rightly view him as a supporter of discrimination based on race which the church condemns.  Allowing such a man a pedestal would give the impression that the church did not regard racism as gravely immoral. 

However, according to the Christian teaching, abortion is at least as evil as racism. 

Moreover, abortion, like racism, is all about discrimination.  It’s discrimination based on age and size.

As a person of color, I’ve fought discrimination all my life. As an adult, I continue to fight discrimination.  Beyond discrimination directed against me, I fight discrimination directed against those who are unable to defend themselves.  Just as I fight discrimination based on race, I fight unjust discrimination based on age and size.

Everyone recalls from bio class that when the sperm and egg meet a new life is formed. In the case of human sperm and egg, that new life is a human being, like you and me.

Yes, she is very small, yes, she is very young, however that embryonic child is deserving of basic human rights like you and me.  I do not tolerate unjust discrimination based on age and size, so I do not tolerate the intentional ending of the lives of unborn children.

Senator Obama is radical in his abortion support, going so far as to back partial-birth abortion. 

Pastor Warren asserts in his book, The Purpose Driven Life, that, according to the Scriptures, life is sacred and abortion is the taking of human life. 

“The Warrens are staunchly pro-life, because it’s the biblical position,” said a Saddleback Church press release today, responding to pro-life leaders who have condemned Warren’s decision to allow Obama his pulpit.  “Let it be made very clear that Pastor Warren and Saddleback Church completely disagree with Obama’s views on abortion,” the release added.

Sticking up for those discriminated against in a culture where discrimination is prominent can make you unpopular. 

God willing, the fame and fortune, which has come along with Pastor Warren’s success in his ministry, has not made him reluctant to take up the cross of unpopularity for the sake of the Gospel.  Pastor Warren would not countenance a white supremacist in his pulpit, neither should he permit abortion-supporter Barack Obama.