WASHINGTON, Jan 5 ( – Just prior to Christmas, US Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan wrote a letter to RNCLife leader Colleen Parro explaining to pro-lifers his move away from the Republican Party and into the Reform Party. “High among the reasons,” he wrote, “is that I believe the party is consciously abandoning the cause of life.” The charge is followed by a lengthy laundry list of pro-life betrayals by the GOP. “I concluded that the Right-to-Life Movement is being used by the Republican Establishment. It has been told to live with the hope, but not with any pledge, that its candidate will remain true to a platform [that] Mr.  Bush and Mr. McCain treat like an embarrassment or a nuisance.”

Buchanan wrote: “But both they (liberal Reform leaders) and all others who endorse me for the Reform Party nomination, do so in the knowledge that I will nominate only pro-life justices to the Supreme Court, that my running mate will be pro-life, that I will defund Planned Parenthood and UNFPA, that I will reverse, on January 22, 2001, the five executive orders of   Bill Clinton that made us an abortion-on-demand nation, that I will proscribe abortions at U.S. military hospitals, that I will ask the Congress for immediate passage of a law outlawing partial birth abortion, and, seizing on Daschle’s past statements, outlawing all abortions that take place after the viability of the unborn child. Moreover, I will use that Bully Pulpit for life as no president before me to wage all-out political warfare on behalf of the unborn child.”

Concluding his letter Pat wrote: “You tell my friends out there, and the newly sceptical,  that if Pat Buchanan wins the Reform Party nomination, the cause of life will never have had a better champion in the race for the presidency. Tell them I would rather lose the Oval Office than walk on the unborn. I pray I have done the right thing; one never knows till the end.”