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(LifeSiteNews) – Employees of clothing company Patagonia can be assured if they’re arrested for protesting in support of abortion that their employer will help them get out of jail.

The company announced in a LinkedIn post called “Patagonia supports choice” that it will offer “bail” to employees arrested protesting for the killing of preborn babies in the womb.

“Training and bail for those who peacefully protest for reproductive justice” is offered to all full and part-time employees.

The company said it supports employees who want to kill their babies and those who choose life.

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“Caring for employees extends beyond basic health insurance, so we take a more holistic approach to coverage and support overall wellness to which every human has a right,” the company stated. “That means offering employees the dignity of access to reproductive health care. It means supporting employees’ choices around if or when they have a child. It means giving parents the resources they need to work and raise children.”

“U.S. employees on our health plans are covered for abortion care. Where restrictions exist, travel, lodging and food are covered,” the company wrote in its statement. That means if employees live in pro-life states, Patagonia will help them travel to have an abortion.

The clothing corporation also notes that it offers paid time off for new parents, breastfeeding space, and childcare support.

Patagonia is joined by an entertainment company in pledging bail support for peaceful protesters. Live Nation said it “stand[s] with women” and would help them have abortions as well in addition to supporting their bail expenses.

“We are covering travel expenses for our employees who need access to women’s healthcare services outside their home state,” the entertainment company stated on its Instagram account.

“We are supporting community activism and will cover bail expenses if any of our employees are arrested for protesting peacefully,” the company stated.

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Other corporations have said they will help employees pay for abortions.

“We recognize the impact of the ruling and that we remain committed to providing comprehensive access to quality and affordable care for all of our employees, cast members and their families, including family planning and reproductive care, no matter where they live,” Disney told the Washington Post.

“Netflix said it offers employees and their dependents up to $10,000 in travel reimbursement for cancer treatment, transplants, gender affirming care, or abortion through its plan,” Variety reported. “Warner Bros. Discovery said it has expanded its healthcare benefits to cover employees who must go to other states to access abortion and reproductive care.”