Patient acceptance of COVID lockdowns ‘has gone past all reason’: Canadian political commentator

'Surely we should, at least by this point, be asking rather angrily — do you guys have ANY plan for when this ends, for it CANNOT continue. Do you have an end date? When is it?'
Tue Apr 6, 2021 - 11:28 am EST
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CANADA, April 6, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – One of Canada’s top political commentators known for going against the mainstream narrative has said Canadians have “gone past all reason” in their apparent acceptance of the COVID lockdowns imposed by government and health officials. 

“Should we call it something else? Sluggishness. Complacency. Lassitude. Inertia. Perhaps despair is the word I’m looking for,” wrote Rex Murphy, a National Post columnist, in an opinion piece dated March 31.   

Murphy argued that lockdowns “cannot” continue, and that Canadians should be “angrily” asking that they end. 

“Surely we should, at least by this point, be asking rather angrily — do you guys have ANY plan for when this ends, for it CANNOT continue. Do you have an end date? When is it?” wrote Murphy.

“Do you actually know what you are doing? Or are we all, the whole Canadian nation, on some playground slide that has no terminal. Is it all drop until you stop?” 

Despite having built his career in the Canadian mainstream media industry, Murphy has consistently been one of the few critics who has consistently not been afraid to call out government misdeeds and political correctness. 

“At this stage I think the only point of this crisis seems to be to maintain the crisis. It certainly liberates governments. Yet it cannot continue. There is always a fulcrum point,” Murphy writes. 

“Some normalcy must return. The famous patience of Canadians has gone past all reason.” 

Murphy states that Canadians are known to be “famously — or notoriously — a patient bunch,” noting that it seems that up to this point, the vast majority of people have compiled with the lockdowns. 

He also highlighted how much has changed since the now infamous slogan “two weeks to flatten the curve,” was used so widely by politicians and health officials during the early days of the coronavirus crisis.

“Those with sturdy powers of recall can easily summon up the phrase ‘two weeks to flatten the curve,’ which was so popular a slogan not much more than a year ago. That ‘two weeks’ swelled inexorably to two months, six months, a year, and the early, merely temporary measures, particularly lockdowns, have morphed into what has every appearance of a permanent state,” penned Murphy. 

The National Post writer also took aim at the widespread acceptance of masks and social distancing, saying that today a “man is a pariah” if he chooses to not wear a mask. 

“We’ve been patient, too, during this same period over the vacillations in governments’ approaches, the multiple variations in what we should and should not do. At one point masks were useless, and only needed for professional health-care personnel. Then they were absolutely necessary,” wrote Murphy.

“Likewise with this practice of ‘social distancing.’ Early on it was casual, now a man is a pariah, even if alone and a block away from anyone else, if he is not wearing a mask. Some are even advising two. Others wear them while in their cars, on their own.” 

When it comes to the closing of churches, keeping kids out of school, and keeping family members apart due to COVID health rules, Murphy writes that “the dubiously celebrated Canadian patience continues to extend itself.” 

“We were patient, too, with the obvious contradictions that governed aspects of lockdown. People could gather in superstores, but not in churches. My favourite came last summer when a friend observed you could go to a protest but not get a haircut. Even celebrated politicians showed up at protests at a time when they maintained it was not safe to go to Parliament” wrote Murphy. 

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Every Canadian province has been in some form of COVID health lockdown for over a year now, with some provinces such as British Columbia and Ontario, recently announcing new COVID lockdown restrictions. 

Last week Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced a 28 day COVID lockdown, due to an apparent rise in COVID hospitalizations.

However, according to Ontario Dr. Matt Strauss, who has been critical of lockdowns, full hospitals in Canada have been the norm for decades.   

“Hospitals have been full since I started medical training in 2004. Out of 33 OECD countries, Canada comes in 31st place for hospital beds per capita. I will not surrender my human rights to the health care mis-managers who bungled this for the last 20 years,” wrote Strauss, on Twitter. 

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