MISSOURI, August 30, 2001 ( – Dr. Anthony Levatino says it was the tremendous perseverance and faith of one of his patients over the course of eight years that helped him to stop performing abortions. Speaking at a Missouri Vitae (Life) Society dinner, Levatino told how one patient, a woman named Susan, would visit his practice every year for a physical and annual exam and then deliver the message that Jesus loved him and that performing abortions wasn’t part of God’s plan for his life.

Levatino related that he always tried to ignore his patient’s words, but that after the tragic death of his daughter he and his wife finally began to talk about his doing abortions and Susanâs message began to sink in. Initially, the doctor stopped performing only late term abortions, then he ceased the practice altogether. “When you feel in your heart you’re killing babies, then it doesn’t make any difference how big they are,” said Levatino.

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