Paul Martin Resigns, Liberal Leadership Convention Called for December

By Gudrun Schultz

OTTAWA, Ontario, March 20, 2006 ( – Paul Martin formally announced his resignation as Liberal party leader last week. His resignation will take effect as soon as the party officially calls the leadership convention, on April 7.

Martin’s leadership has been a progression of scandals, as the self-professed “very strong Roman Catholic” led the country into the social and moral disaster of legal same-sex “marriage,” flying openly in the face of Christian belief on the immorality of homosexual relationships.

His ardent public defence of abortion was scarcely less scandalous. Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary wrote a pastoral letter in April 2004, condemning the “moral incoherence” of Mr. Martin’s claim to Catholicism while supporting homosexuality and abortion.

“[H]is recently clarified position re abortion and same sex unions is a source of scandal in the Catholic community and reflects a fundamental moral incoherence,” Bishop Henry wrote.

Mary Ellen Douglas, president of Campaign Life Coalition Ontario, told LifeSiteNews that Martin’s leadership “has been a disaster for Canada,” in an interview earlier this year. Given his claims as a “strong Catholic,” his legacy will be one of “scandal as well as disaster,” she said.

The Liberal party has continued to choose morally questionable leadership by naming homosexual activist Bill Graham as interim leader of the party. Mr. Graham, who is married and has two children, has never denied public allegations that he had a sexual relationship with a juvenile male prostitute. His riding of Rosedale includes Toronto’s “gay village” at Church and Wellesley, which is strongly supportive of the Liberal MP.

Lawrence Metherel claimed he began a relationship with Mr. Graham in 1980, when Metherel was 15 years old, in a 2001 interview with Toronto-based Fab magazine.

TorStar corporation’s weekly Toronto paper the Eye referred to Metherel as “an ex-boyfriend of Graham’s” and Graham’s “spurned lover,” in a 2002 article.

The leadership vote for the Liberal party will take place on the first weekend of December. There are over twenty members considering running for the party leadership, with no clear contender in the lead.


Pastoral Letter of Calgary Bishop Fred Henry on Scandal of Prime Minister Paul Martin’s “moral incoherence”

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