WASHINGTON, June 19, 2001 (LSN.ca) – Tomorrow, PBS (the Public Broadcasting Service) will air a ‘documentary’ which slams the Boy Scouts of America for excluding practicing homosexuals from leadership. While the PBS claims its publicly funded film represents both sides, Peter LaBarbera, senior policy analyst at the Culture and Family Institute in Washington points out that the documentary’s producer, Tom Shepard is a known homosexual activist. Moreover the video has been shown at “Gay Pride” events in an attempt to mobilize homosexuals against the Boy Scouts. The Washington Times reports that several homosexual activists, including Kevin Jennings, executive director for the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), are on the film’s board of advisers.

According to the Times, the documentary, “Scout’s Honor,” examines the aftermath of last summer”s Supreme Court ruling that the Boy Scouts may exclude homosexual members and leaders. It follows the lives of 16-year-old Boy Scout Steven Cozza and 71-year-old Scoutmaster David Rice. They are the heterosexual founders of “Scouting for All,” an alliance of homosexuals and heterosexuals that is fighting the Boy Scouts” policy.

The American Medical Association has also taken aim at the Boy Scouts with a proposed resolution, to be voted on this week, that would ask national youth groups not to ban gays because such policies could drive young people to suicide.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate is likely to debate an amendment to the education bill this week, which would bar discrimination against the Boy Scouts due to their policy against homosexuality. Proposed by Sen. Jesse Helms. R-N.C., the measure seeks to stop the practice by some school districts that denies the Boy Scouts equal access to meeting facilities because the Boy Scouts’ stand. A similar measure was passed in the House several weeks ago.

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