John-Henry Westen


PC Leader Hudak slams Premier McGuinty over sex-ed and parental rights

John-Henry Westen

TORONTO, Ontario, September 30, 2011 ( - The failed Liberal attempt to force a graphic sex-ed curriculum on Ontario school children has been resurrected in the last week of the Ontario election campaign as the Leader of the Opposition has blasted Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty for violating parental rights.

Last week Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak pointed to a Toronto District School Board resource guide which notes that parents do not have the right to withdraw their children from classes promoting homosexual ‘marriage’. The guide suggests parents not even be advised of such matters.

That’s “just wrong,” Hudak told the Canadian Press.

‘‘I have a child who started JK, so I’m one of the parents who Dalton McGuinty is basically saying that we have no right even to know what my daughter is being taught in school,’’ he said. ‘‘I think it’s wrong that he’s telling teachers to keep parents in the dark.’‘

When asked by the media about Hudak’s accusations, Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty said he too opposed keeping parents in the dark about such matters and supported allowing parents to opt their children out of programs deemed offensive.  However, since the controversial policy was brought to light in June there is no evidence that the Liberal Ministry of Education has asked the Toronto School Board to rescind it’s anti-parental rights policy.

Gary Wheeler, spokesman for the Ontario Ministry of Education, told LifeSiteNews that he would look into whether McGuinty’s government acted on the school board’s policy, but he did not reply by press time.  The Toronto District School Board did not return LifeSiteNews’ call by press time.

Hudak blames McGuinty for the mess despite the Premier’s recent denials.  ‘‘This is another example of Dalton McGuinty who thinks he knows better what’s best for our children than parents do, and I think that’s wrong.’‘

‘‘The problem I have with this new curriculum is Dalton McGuinty’s keeping it secret from parents and indicating that teachers can’t even tell parents about this,’’ said the Tory leader.

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