(LifeSiteNews) – A pediatric heart specialist who has treated hundreds of COVID-19 patients is warning against vaccine mandates, which he says could have a lethal effect on children and lead to a surge of “sudden cardiac death” in young athletes.

Dr. Kirk Milhoan, MD, a pediatric cardiologist in Hawaii, slammed COVID jab requirements for kids in states like California in a recent interview with mRNA vaccine pioneer Dr. Robert Malone.

Milhoan runs a medical clinic in Hawaii where he said he’s cared for around 300 COVID patients. He said he’s also seen children with heart inflammation after vaccination and recently admitted a 16-year-old football player to the hospital after he developed the disease two days after a Pfizer shot.

When asked whether vaccine requirements, like those announced by California Gov. Gavin Newsom for schoolchildren, would lead to significant deaths, Milhoad responded, “Yeah, I think it’s just a numbers game.”

“I think as you look around the world, we’re getting down to a number of somewhere between one and three thousand, one in six thousand,” he said, pointing to heart inflammation risks after COVID vaccination. “As we ramp this up to try to get everyone, like the mandate in California, to have a vaccine in order to go to school, then I think by what we see around the world, then the numbers of myocarditis cases will go up, and we may have an increase in sudden cardiac death associated with myocarditis just in kids playing on the field.”

Heart inflammation, also known as myocarditis or pericarditis, can be serious and life-threatening and has repeatedly been linked to COVID vaccines in younger men. British researchers last month found that the myocarditis risk in men under 40 was several times higher than baseline after Pfizer or Moderna vaccination and that vaccine-related myocarditis may be more deadly than other forms of the condition.

Adolescents are particularly at risk, according to recent studies. A November study from Hong Kong estimated that one in 2,680 boys between 12-17 years old will develop heart inflammation within two weeks of a second Pfizer jab. An article by Israeli researchers the following month put the risk at one in 6,600 for young men ages 16-19 vaccinated with Pfizer.

The Israeli study reported an 81 percent hospitalization rate among the heart inflammation cases and a nearly one percent death rate. Even patients with apparently mild cases may experience long-term problems, like greater risk of heart attacks later in life, experts have said.

“It’s very interesting to watch this discussion going on right now in terms of trying to say, ‘Well, yeah, we know myocarditis is a problem with the vaccine, but we think the vaccine is still better than getting COVID itself,’” Dr. Milhoan said. “I find, myself, in children, that’s actually quite the opposite.”

“When I have healthy children who get COVID, I watch them go through it very quickly,” he added, noting that those without major co-morbidities usually recover within a couple days. Hawaii has recorded just one COVID-associated child death.

Despite the extremely low risk the virus poses for kids, regulators have been uncharacteristically reluctant to pull the jabs, even amid an avalanche of vaccine injury reports, Milhoan said.

“If you look at the history, basically the last 30 years of vaccines and everything sort of is sort of putting along at this nice even road. And then all of a sudden you see adverse events just jack up since the COVID vaccine has come in, and deaths as well,” he remarked. “I haven’t seen inaction with those kinds of results in the past with vaccines in kids.”

The pediatric cardiologist related how a rotavirus vaccine, Rotashield, quickly came off the market in 1999, after the CDC linked it to a rare but potentially fatal bowel disorder. Another rotavirus vaccine wasn’t rolled out for eight years.

“So what’s going on here is much different, and the censorship and the inability to talk real data has me really concerned,” he said.

“How could you mandate something and especially in young children that we really have only studied at best for less than a year, especially in children?” Milhoad asked, describing vaccine mandates as “absolutely oppressive.” “Why are we mandating something on the least risky population in our society? It doesn’t make public health sense to me at all.”

Mandates won’t make people safer, he added. COVID-19 vaccines have proved unable to stop transmission of the virus, and children have not been shown to be a significant source of infection.

“I see children spreading colds to adults. I see adults spreading COVID to children. That’s what I’m seeing,” Milhoan said. “So, trying to say if we vaccinate them, that will somehow make our society safer … we don’t have the scientific support for that.”

“Vaccinating children, it fails on two different points: one, the vaccine is too leaky, and the other things is children aren’t the drivers of spread.”

The risks for kids are immense, in any case. Medical interventions for prepubescent children have a “lifelong potential of destruction or damage,” Milhoan concluded. “So, we have to treat the prepubescent child very, very carefully. These are not ones to experiment on.”

“I can’t believe that we got to the point that we’re going to experiment on our lowest risk population that has the highest risk of potentially having a lifelong adverse event,” he said. “This is unheard of that we’re expecting the burden to be carried by the children and we’re going to experiment on them.”

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