Canadian Internet Provider Compares Child Porn to Smoking

MONTREAL, July 18, 2001 ( – According to child advocacy groups in the United States, pedophile websites that are forced out of the United States by authorities find their material welcomed in Canada. The National Post reported yesterday that the Canadian branch of MCI/WorldCom, one of the world’s biggest Internet companies, is hosting a web site for pedophiles offering advice, pictures and discussion groups for men who “love boys.”

MCI/World was asked by Mark Hecht, an Ottawa lawyer and co-founder of the group Beyond Borders, which fights sexual exploitation of children, to remove the Montreal-based websites from its server. Ros Prober, another founder of the organization warned that “Pedophiles are highly fixated individuals who are constantly trying to have sex with children.”

However, Tal Bevan, president of WorldCom Canada, defended the site saying “We don’t approve or condone the content but … it isn’t for me to play judge, jury and advocate.” Bevan continued, “Where do I draw the line next time? If you were a non-smoker and I was hosting a smoking site and you had an issue because of the impact on cancer, I would be faced with the same thing.” Bevan said he had consulted with the Ontario Provincial Police and had received a response that the sites did not violate pornography laws.

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