P.E.I. Pre-Empts Feds: Government Decides to Legalize Gay “Marriage”

CHARLOTTETOWN, July 8, 2005 ( – Prince Edward Island Attorney General Mildred Dover said Thursday that the province would be legalizing same-sex “marriage,” claiming the decision is because the federal government has already done so - despite that the bill has not yet passed and is still being debated before the federal Senate.

“We have said all along that we would comply if the federal government passed same-sex legislation,” she said, as reported by the Canadian Press. “They have the power to define marriage,” she claimed. “We’re looking at the possibility of bringing in an omnibus bill that would say something to the effect of wherever the word spouse appears in our legislation, it includes same-sex and heterosexual marriages,” she added.

The decision leaves only Alberta, Nunavut and the Northwest Territory as regions where same-sex “marriage” remains illegal.


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