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Rep. Nancy Pelosi speaks at Georgetown's Center on Faith and JusticeYouTube screenshot

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) — During a recent event at the Jesuit-run Georgetown University, self-professed “Catholic” Rep. Nancy Pelosi picked back up her fight with Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and expressed support for the idea of women priests.

At a Thursday forum put on by Georgetown’s Center on Faith and Justice, the pro-abortion former Speaker of the House bizarrely claimed that her political advocacy is “pro-life,” relying on a sort of “seamless garment” argument that elevates issues like homelessness and immigration to the moral equivalency of abortion.

Similarly, Pelosi claimed that bishops like Cordileone, the Archbishop of San Francisco, are “willing to abandon the bulk” of Catholic social teaching by allegedly focusing on abortion at the expense of other issues.

Cordileone banned Pelosi from receiving Holy Communion in his archdiocese last May. He wrote in a letter that she must first “repudiate [her] advocacy for the legitimacy of abortion and confess and receive absolution of this grave sin in the sacrament of Penance.” Scandalously, Pelosi has continued to receive Communion in the Archdiocese of Washington, with the tacit approval of Cardinal Wilton Gregory.

“I figure [abortion is Cordileone’s] problem, not mine, because I had five children in six years and one week,” Pelosi said, per the heterodox National Catholic Reporter.

Pelosi slandered Archbishop Cordileone over his support for Proposition 8, the 2008 California ballot measure that denied legal recognition of same-sex “marriages,” implying that his opposition to the inherently gravely sinful practice means he thinks less of homosexual individuals.

“How can I say this nicely … We’ve had very negative anti-LGBTQ stuff coming from [Cordileone] and others,” she said. “So he’s made it very clear, maybe we’re not all God’s children, maybe we do not have a free will.”

The congresswoman also expressed her wish that Pope Francis would consider the “ordination” of women to the priesthood. She said that as a child she was more “attracted” to the priesthood than sisterhood because priests exercise “real power” in confecting the Eucharist. But the Church has always taught that it is impossible for women to become priests.

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STAND with Abp. Cordileone as he bars Nancy Pelosi from Holy Communion until she repents
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San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone has told Nancy Pelosi, a pro-abortion Democrat, not to present herself for Holy Communion. 

The archbishop is doing this to not only protect our Lord from sacrilege, but also to call Nancy Pelosi to repent from the grave sin of promoting abortion and from the sacrilegious communions that follow.

Archbishop Cordileone will now encounter sustained pressure to roll-back his decision, so we must stand with him today.

SIGN and SHARE this petition to stand with Archbishop Corileone as protects our Lord and Nancy Pelosi from further sacrilegious communions. 

The Eucharist is the literal body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ and no Catholic who has committed a mortal sin is to receive Holy Communion until confessing that sin in the Sacrament of Confession.

Nancy Pelosi's soul is in grave danger, not least because of sacrilegious communions as she continues a career-long crusade in support of killing unborn babies, and so the archbishop has done the most charitable thing possible in calling her to repentance and barring her from Holy Communion until she repents.

We must stand with this brave shepherd today, whom the people of San Francisco are lucky to call their archbishop.

SIGN the petition to support Archbishop Cordileone's brave defense of Our Lord in the Eucharist.

Pelosi said in March that that abortion “isn’t about what is your religious belief” and that “this really gets me burned up, in case you didn’t notice, because, again, I’m very Catholic – devout, practicing, all of that. They would like to throw me out, but I’m not going,” she joked, “because I don’t want to make their day."

What she doesn't understand is that her soul is at risk because of her support for spilling the innocent blood of unborn babies. 

In a letter last month to Pelosi, Archbishop Cordileone made clear that “should you [Pelosi] not [publicly] repudiate your advocacy for abortion ‘rights’ or else refrain from referring to your Catholic faith in public and receiving Holy Communion, I would have no choice but to make a declaration, in keeping with canon 915, that you are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.” 

In announcing that the Speaker of the House is barred from Holy Communion, Cordileone made clear that he "will continue to offer up prayer and fasting for you [Pelosi].”

This is the heart of a true shepherd - Cordileone is a father willing to undergo all manner of insults and ridicule from the media and lukewarm Catholics in order to call one of his flock back to the fold.

SIGN the petition today to stand with Archbishop Cordileone as he faces into a storm of criticism.


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READ: Vatican’s former doctrine head: Ban on female deacons, priests an infallible Catholic ‘dogma’

“Imagine the priest: Every day they have the power … of transubstantiation, of turning bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. That is real power. Now we’re talking power,” she said. “And that’s why I was more attracted to that than being a nun. On the other hand, maybe one day women will be able to do that as well.”

During the Q&A period toward the end of the forum, however, Pelosi stated that she had a “little disagreement” with Pope Francis over the Vatican’s secret agreement with the China’s Communist regime. Although specific details about the agreement have never been made public, it is widely known that the Vatican allows the Communist Party final say over the appointment of bishops.

Referring to the underground Church, Pelosi called Chinese Catholics “martyrs” and said they haven’t “gained anything” from the Vatican’s agreement.