By Michael Baggot and John Jalsevac

PA, April 23, 2008 ( – Sen. Hillary Clinton has kept her presidential campaign hopes alive with a win in Tuesday’s Pennsylvania Democratic primary, taking the state with a 10 point lead over her rival, Barack Obama. The New York senator and former first lady garnered 55 percent of the vote, while Obama took 45.

“We won a critically important victory tonight in Pennsylvania. It’s a giant step forward that will transform the landscape of the presidential race,’’ said Clinton in a jubilant message to supporters Tuesday night.

‘‘You know, some people counted me out and wanted me to drop out,’’ said Clinton. ‘‘Well, the American people do not quit and they deserve an American president who does not quit either.’‘

Clinton’s win in Pennsylvania is being perceived as much-needed, last-minute recovery for her floundering presidential bid. Nevertheless, the victory is a far cry from what will be required to ensure that she clinches the Democratic nomination. Currently Clinton continues to trail behind Obama in terms of overall pledged nominees, primaries won, as well as funds raised. While Clinton has had to dip into her own personal funds and to issue several emergency appeals to supporters in order to keep her campaign financially afloat, Obama has been riding comfortably on a continuous stream of donations.

Clinton’s presidential bid is strongly opposed by American social conservatives, on account of her long history of uncompromising opposition to traditional views on life and family issues. In a January mailing to New Hampshire voters, Clinton is described as the candidate who will “stand up for women’s right to choose.”  The mailing went on to criticize Sen. Barack Obama for not being supportive enough of pro-abortion legislation.

In October, Clinton promised to use the presidency to fund the creation and destruction of human embryos for the sake of medical research. “I will lift the current ban on ethical stem cell research,” she said. “The president’s ban on stem cell funding amounts to a ban on hope.”

Clinton has also praised Oregon’s assisted suicide laws and expressed enthusiastic support for most of the basic tenets of the homosexualist lobby, including same-sex civil unions, repealing the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, and pushing through “sexual orientation” discrimination legislation. In addition, Clinton has pledged to be the first US president to march in a gay-pride parade.
  However, in terms of their opposition to traditional Judeo-Christian values, there is little discernible difference between Clinton and Obama.

Radical feminists Martha Burk, Cecelia Fire Thunder, Irene Natividad, Ellie Smeal, and Gloria Steinem all endorsed Clinton in a recent Huffington Post article.  However, former Catholics for a Free Choice president, Frances Kissling in February declared her support for Obama.

“While I believe in the nitty gritty of a day-to-day legislative agenda, there will be little difference between Clinton and Obama, I am convinced that in the larger struggle to complete the social transformation promised by Roe, Obama’s instincts and values will bring us closer to that transformation,” said Kissling.

Due to divided support among the main Democratic presidential candidates, it is likely that neither Clinton nor Obama will get the 2,025 pledged delegates required to ensure nomination, thus leaving the decision to the super delegates.

The close and heated race between Clinton and Obama has cost the two candidates time, money, energy, and has split the party down the middle. In the meantime, the party, so focused on the nomination race, has been unable to begin campaigning against Sen. John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate.

North Carolina, Indiana, Oregon, Kentucky, West Virginia, Montana, South Dakota and Puerto Rico are the remaining locations for Democratic primaries.

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