SHIPPENSBURG, PA, February 8, 2012 ( – At tiny Shippensburg University, potentially abortifacient emergency contraception is no farther away than your nearest vending machine.

The university, located in southern Pennsylvania, has decided to carry the Plan B pill in a vending machine on campus.


The pills costs students $25 – but the university considered providing it without charge.

“We were uncomfortable providing it for free because that would mean we were supporting Plan B with either state money or fee money,” said Dr. Roger Serr, vice president of Student Affairs.

He said before selling the drug, college officials “did a survey of the student body, and we got an 85 percent response rate that the students supported Plan B in the House Center.”

According to Fox News, the university sells 350-400 pills a year to its 8,300 students.

Penny Nance, CEO of Concerned Women for America, said, “This is absolutely reckless, and it’s the direct result of the Obama administration’s FDA.” The drug, which contains a high dose of hormones that studies suggest could prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg, is available to anyone over the age of 17 without a prescription.

She said the pill is being used because of the high incidence of sexual abuse on campus and the fact that many young women “are making poor choices.” She said instead of anonymous drugs, the university should have doctors available for women who have been abused.

Multiple calls to the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation were not returned.

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