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(LifeSiteNews) — Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, is calling on people to resist COVID vaccine mandates while also condemning the efforts underway by governments and other entities to coerce individuals to take the jab against their conscience. He encouraged Christians to pray for an end to these mandates.

Bishop Strickland told Terry Barber, co-host of their weekly show on Virgin Most Powerful Radio, that the promotion of vice in society has led to the “tyranny” carried out by leaders in the government, the Church, and elsewhere. “It’s hard to find the truth on things in today’s culture because the media is too corrupt, but … for anyone to deny the free will of another person, it’s called tyranny,” he said.

Strickland also explained how mandating immoral actions is exactly what many “people have died for in the past.” Furthermore, he warned how “we might reach that point again where people just have to say, you’re going to have to take my life rather than force me to do something that I know is morally repugnant.”

The bishop mentions that “corruption” and “tyranny” witnessed in governments and institutions around the world throughout the COVID crisis is comparable to a certain degree to Nazi Germany, Communism, and other periods in history.

Strickland further decried the way the COVID pandemic was handled in the United States from the start. “What were they telling us back in March of 2020? A couple of weeks. Flatten the curve. It’ll all be over with.” He said that this “didn’t turn out to be the truth,” and wondered whether this was intentional.

Strickland described how governments, churches, schools, and businesses “have no right to close your institution.” He specifically called on people to speak boldly for their rights.

Lastly, Bishop Strickland encouraged people to pray for an end to vaccine mandates, and the strength to withstand this tyranny. “We’re not in charge. God’s still the Lord of Creation; the Lord of each of us.”

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