Monday March 29, 2010

Personhood Initiative Certified For Colorado Ballot

DENVER, Colorado, March 29, 2010 ( – The Colorado Personhood Amendment’s signatures have been certified, and the Personhood Amendment will be on the Colorado ballot in November, declared Personhood Colorado on Friday.

Personhood Colorado sponsored the ballot initiative to amend the State Constitution recognizing the Personhood rights of all humans, from their biological beginning to their natural death. The amendment states: “the term ‘person’ shall apply to every human being from the beginning of the biological development of that human being.”

On March 4, the Colorado Secretary of State disclosed that 15,690 of the 79,648 signatures submitted by Personhood Colorado were invalid. As allowed by Colorado law, volunteers then had 15 days to replace the invalid signatures with new, valid voter signatures. In response, Personhood Colorado volunteers collected 47,114 signatures, three times as many signatures as were required.

On Friday, March 26, the Colorado Secretary of State verified that the Personhood Amendment had submitted enough signatures to be on the November 26 ballot, citing that in the first submission, 60,357 of the 79,648 submitted signatures were valid, and that in the 15 day curing period, 35,527 of the 47,114 submitted signatures were found valid. Therefore, of the 126,762 submitted signatures, 95,884 were found to be valid voter signatures, surpassing the required number of 76,047 by nearly 20,000.

“We are very thankful for our volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure that the Personhood Amendment is on the 2010 ballot,” stated Gualberto Garcia-Jones, co-sponsor of the Personhood Amendment. “We are counting on all of our supporters and many volunteers to vote Yes on the Personhood Amendment, Amendment 62, in November.”

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