PUEBLO, CO, September 12, 2013 (Personhood USA) – Personhood USA successfully drew grassroots voters to the polls yesterday during Colorado’s historic recall election. Planned Parenthood-endorsed Senate President Morse and Senator Giron lost their seats as local activists used the democratic process to make their voice heard.


Planned Parenthood attempted to make the election about abortion, but the strategy backfired. Personhood contacted nearly 20,000 Pueblo households in order to educate citizens about Giron’s record, including her shocking vote to deny children like 8-month-old Brady Surovik “any rights prior to live birth. Many voters signed the Brady petition at the polls to amend the state constitution so that it protects unborn children like Brady.

The Morse and Giron campaigns launched attack ads against the Republican candidates’ support for personhood. Pueblo challenger George Rivera did not waver. “I make no apologies for my belief in the sanctity of life,” he tweeted.

Despite the desperate efforts of Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood, and NARAL to bring Giron supporters to vote yesterday, 56 percent voted in favor of recall. Giron was reportedly stunned by the results. Rivera handily won by 12 percent in a district considered hostile by pundits.

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Colorado Springs’ Bernie Harpin, on the other hand, shied away from his original support for personhood. His margin of victory over Morse was only two percent, in what should have been a more Republican-friendly district.

“To Senator Giron, Brady wasn’t a precious baby worth defending, but a ‘pregnancy’ that could be terminated right up to to the moment of live birth,” said Heather Surovik, Brady’s mom. “If I could ask Senator Giron one question, it would be: ‘Why did you vote against protecting my son Brady under Colorado law?’”

Personhood USA launched a grassroots effort to gather petitions, call voters, and send out mailers in support of George Rivera and his stance on personhood.