Thursday February 26, 1998


WASHINGTON, D.C., Feb 26 (LSN) – On Tuesday the Population Research Institute (PRI) issued a press release exposing a horrendous campaign to sterilize women in Peru. In a program linked to the US Agency for International Development, Ministry of Health workers are “working in house to house campaigns, using threats, offering bribes of food and clothing” to force sterilization on poor women. Avelina Nolberto and Victoria Espinoza, victims of the vicious sterilization push arrived in the US to recount their tragedies and their reports are confirmed by Dr. Hector Chuchon, head of the Peruvian medical federation in three of Peru’s poorest regions. Investigations into Peru’s sterilization program have found: “Women sterilized without their knowledge or consent. Government documents setting sterilization quotas. Campaign-related deaths from unhygienic conditions and/or medical malpractice. Hush money offered to families of victims.” Speaking at a joint press conference sponsored by the Population Research Institute and Concerned Women for America Steven Mosher, president of Population Research Institute, said, “the sterilization campaign is public knowledge in Peru.” “Newspapers have published stories about it, the national Public Defender’s office has denounced it. Only the Presidential Palace and Ministry of Health deny the campaign’s existence,” said Mosher.