Peruvian Bishop Condemns Illegally Created Abortion Protocol

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

  LIMA, February 21, 2008 ( - The Catholic Archbishop of Arequipa, Javier del Rio Alba, is denouncing a recent decision to create a "protocol" allowing abortions for virtually any reason in regional hospitals. Bishop Alba says the protocol is illegal and unconstitutional, according to the Catholic news service ACI Prensa.

  According to the Archbishop, who is vice-president of the Peruvian Episcopal Conference, the protocol will convert Arequipa into the "death capital" of the area and said that those who had collaborated in creating the protocol "should only be compared to Satan."

"The Regional Health Management has approved a fallacious and dishonest protocol.  Arequipa will not allow innocent children to be killed," said the archbishop in a recent homily.  "Arequipa is traditionally Catholic and has now become the death capital for innocent children.  Are we going to permit that? Are we going to applaud that?"

  As LifeSiteNews reported last year, a large number of organizations funded by wealthy American foundations have been orchestrating a campaign to legalize abortion in Peru through the "back door", using a "therapeutic abortion" protocol for hospitals (see previous coverage at

  Although abortion is illegal in Peru and violates the nation’s constitution, the national criminal code provides no penalties for abortions done ostensibly to protect a woman from a "serious" illness.  An abortion protocol gives a specific list of medical conditions and circumstances that are regarded as falling under the penal code’s exemptions.

  Two protocols have already been created for San BartolomĂ© and BelĂ©n de Trujillo hospitals in Peru, and the Peru Medical College and Peru College of Obstetricians have endorsed the protocol idea, with the backing of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, and Ipas, which are all based in the U.S. 

  The new protocol, which was approved by the Regional Health Management of Arequipa, in the south of the country, is to be used by doctors to justify abortions to protect a woman’s "health." The protocol reportedly lists 24 different medical conditions for which it regards "therapeutic" abortion as a justifiable response. 

  Archbishop Javier de Rio Alba’s denunciation was supported by Peruvian congressman Juan Carlos Eguren, who stated that the Peruvian Constitution "indicates that the defense of the human person and respect for his dignity are the supreme purpose of society and government," according to ACI Prensa.

  However, a feminist radio station in Lima, Milenia Radio, issued a statement rejoicing over the news, noting the "great expectation and satisfaction among women’s movements".

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