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 Courtesy of Concerned Parents of Peterborough

PETERBOROUGH, Ontario, May 25, 2015 ( – A newly-formed parents group in the Peterborough area met Friday outside Liberal MPP Jeff Leal’s office to protest the Wynne government’s planned changes to Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum.

The group, called Concerned Parents of Peterborough, displayed placards that read, “Parents are first educators, not politicians!” and “Protect the innocence of children.”

The curriculum will teach graphic lessons on sexual body parts starting in Grade 1. In Grade 6 masturbation is introduced as an accepted “way of learning about your body.” Grade 7 talks about anal and oral sex, and in Grade 8 it advises sexually curious students to carry a condom.


Spokesperson Laura Van Bakel says the curriculum “undermines parents' relationships with their kids and attacks the innocence of children.”

To sign a petition to stop Ontario's graphic sex-ed curriculum, click here.

“We expect MPP Jeff Leal to tell Kathleen Wynne that the parents and taxpayers of Peterborough want her to remove this program from our schools,” she added.

“This curriculum is attempting to replace innocence with information that is gravely inappropriate for children,” says the group. “It will wound our children’s purity and may launch them into premature sexual experimentation when they are not yet capable of the critical thinking necessary to understand the consequences of their actions. We also fear that it is grooming them for sexual predators.”

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