By Steve Jalsevac

PETERBOROUGH, January 13, 2006 ( – The Liberals captured it by more than 6,000 votes in the 2004 federal election, but history has shown that the bellweather Ontario riding of Peterborough has swung constantly between the Liberal and Conservative parties over the past half-century. So there may be yet another change in the air as voters go to the polls there on Jan. 23 to choose a successor to retiring Liberal MP Peter Adams.

Liberal rookie Diane Lloyd is hoping she can maintain her party’s edge in the face of mounting scandals and a precarious minority position. Attempting to unseat her for the Conservatives will be newcomer Dean Del Mastro. Also running will be second-time candidates Linda Slavin for the NDP and Brent Wood of the Green Party, who finished third and fourth respectively in the riding in 2004.

Del Mastro is running as the only pro-life and pro-traditional marriage candidate. His responses to a questionnaire on life and family issues sent to him regarding the upcoming election by Campaign Life Coalition, the political arm of the Canadian pro-life movement, were unanimously pro-life and pro-marriage on nine separate points.

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