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CROMWELL, Connecticut, December 3, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – The Children First Foundation and LifeSiteNews have jointly launched a national petition on to demand that government officials in American states stop blocking pro-lifers from sharing the simple message “Choose Life” on their vehicles.

“It is appalling that seventeen U.S. states do not allow their citizens the right to place ‘Choose Life’ branded, organizational license plates on their vehicles,” said Christopher Reilly, Vice President of The Children First Foundation. “We aim to change that.”

The plates have been called pro-life “scare tactics” by Planned Parenthood and unlawful or hateful “private speech” by pro-abortion lawyers. The “Choose Life” message, however, is one of pure love that scares nobody except those who profit from death.

Advertising industry statistics show that, for the typical vehicle, a “Choose Life” plate and its simple, powerful message will be seen by other drivers 30,000 to 80,000 times a year.

“Choose Life” vehicle license plates have raised more than $28 million for pro-life pregnancy centers, maternity homes, safe havens, and adoption centers, varying with each state.

Owners of vehicles with custom pro-life license plates donate an annual membership contribution to their state’s Choose Life organization (sometimes collected by the state with annual driver’s fees), and nearly all funds are redistributed as grants within the member’s state or to a member-designated recipient, meaning that local pro-life organizations benefit hugely from “Choose Life” plate ownership.

States offer custom license plates that benefit various causes, such as the environment, animal rescues, and medical research. Some states also offer pro-abortion license plates.

The potential for expanding the “Choose Life” license plate program to new states and new members is incredible – but only if citizens are allowed to have the plates.

Please “Choose Life” and consider signing this pro-life petition.