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Tell Marvel that children are not 'ready' for LGBT superheroes. Sign the petition here.

March 14, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A petition launched today by LifeSiteNews is demanding that Marvel Studios not indoctrinate children with homosexual ideology by rumoredly introducing a homosexual main character in an upcoming superhero film. 

On March 7, Marvel chief of production Victoria Alonso told Variety magazine, “The world is ready” for an “LGBT superhero.” She averred at the premiere of “Captain Marvel” that Marvel Studios is committed to “diversity.” Studio president Kevin Feige said in an interview with ET that the idea was “percolating” at the Studios. Earlier, “That Hashtag Show” website reported rumors that an “openly gay” man will be cast as the lead character in Marvel Studios’ 2020 superhero movie “The Eternals.”

Directed at Alonso and Feige, the petition objects to Marvel’s bid to impose a politically correct, homosexual theme in “The Eternals” movie. Saying that children and their parents don’t expect to be indoctrinated with LGBT propaganda by Marvel films, it called on the multimillion-dollar producer of films like “‘The Avengers” and “Spider-Man” to “let children be children” and instead lead them into a fantastic world where superheroes can “save the world, irrespective of sex.”

“For all kinds of reasons, this is wrong, and I will go out of my way to tell all of the parents I know about this, if it comes to pass,” states the petition, which has already been signed by almost 5,000 people in less than 12 hours. 

Noting that the homosexual lifestyle has proved to be dangerous, including physical and mental health issues, the petition recalls the words of the fictional Ben Parker, who tells the future Spider-Man “with great power comes great responsibility,” and asks Marvel Studios to be responsible and refrain from sexualizing children and teenagers.

“But, regarding the practice of homosexuality, the real world offers a much harder lesson, based in reality … specifically, a far higher incidence of serious physical and mental health problems among practising homosexuals than among the general population,” the petition states. 

“We call on you to safeguard the impressionable minds of children,” the petition states, adding that the producers should scrap the idea of sexualizing the upcoming “The Eternals” by making a lead character out to be a homosexual.

The webpage for the LifeSiteNews petition features links to information from the CDC and other authorities about the real risks posed by homosexual behavior. For example, homosexual and bisexual men accounted for 67 percent of HIV cases in 2016.

A report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed other significant risks among homosexual and bisexual men and women. The Health Hazards Of Homosexuality website noted that the JAMA study found that compared to heterosexuals, “Gay men were more likely to report severe psychological distress, heavy drinking and moderate smoking; Bisexual men were more likely to report severe psychological distress, heavy drinking and heavy smoking,” and lesbian and bisexual women reported multiple chronic conditions, including heavy drinking and smoking, as well as severe psychological distress.