OTTAWA, November 29, 2001 ( – The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) presented its petition entitled: Protecting People With Disabilities – The Supreme Court of Canada Latimer Decision to Liberal MP Paul Steckle today. The purpose of the petition, signed by over 31,500 Canadians, is to support the needs of people with disabilities and other vulnerable Canadians by rejecting the use of the Royal Prerogative of Mercy for Robert Latimer. Mr. Steckle said he would present the petition in the House of Commons.

Pro-euthanasia activists have been clamouring to allow convicted murderer Robert Latimer a royal prerogative of mercy (negating his mandatory 10 year sentence) since he claims the killing of his disabled 12-year-old daughter was an act of mercy.

At a press conference following the presentation, EPC President Dr. Barrie deVeber and Executive Director Alex Schadenberg, raised concerns about the Exit Bag – Suicide Bag which is produced and distributed by the Right to Die Society of Canada.