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(LifeSiteNews) — As conservatives continue to hit major corporations and brands like Target and Bud Light in the pocketbook for pushing LGBT propaganda, pet food and supply company PetSmart last week sparked outrage for its “Pride Month” merchandise featuring rainbow-themed toys, clothes, and accessories for dogs, cats, and even fish.

PetSmart’s so-called “You Are Loved Collection” features a range of pro-LGBT items, including hats, dresses, bikinis, and plush toys for dogs, rainbow collars, tunnels, and butterfly wing harnesses for cats, LGBT aquarium ornaments for fish, and even “Pride” costumes for reptiles.

PetSmart’s webpage listing its “Pride” offerings urges customers to “[c]elebrate the spirit of Pride with your pet!”

The Phoenix, Arizona-based company also stated that it’s donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to “Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network” (GLSEN), an activist organization that advocates for pro-LGBT content in schools from kindergarten through 12th grade.

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Fox News pointed out that GLSEN is also “known for supporting in-school child gender transition without parental consent, biological men competing in girls’ sports, and incorporating gender ideology teachings in subjects like math.”

On its website, PetSmart said they “proudly support the LGBTQ+ community with a $200,000 donation to GLSEN®.”

“PetSmart believes that all people should be valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression,” the company said. “We’re proud to support organizations like GLSEN that are supporting youth and educators to advance a culture of inclusion.”

The sale of pro-LGBT merchandise and the decision to donate to the activist organization has sparked online calls to “add PetSmart to the boycott list” and “#BoycottPetSmart,” Fox noted.

The encouragement to boycott the prominent pet supply chain comes as conservatives have already racked up several high-profile successes by boycotting major companies like Bud Light and Target for their promotion of radical LGBT ideology. 

As LifeSiteNews has extensively reported, beer brand Bud Light has suffered a massive and ongoing collapse in sales after its ill-fated decision to honor divisive transgender-identifying TikTok activist Dylan Mulvaney with a beer can featuring his likeness. Conservatives have viewed the results as a major success.

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Meanwhile, major box-store Target has also lost billions of dollars in stock value after shoppers reacted to its highly controversial LGBT Pride merchandise, including a “tuck-friendly” swimsuit, pro-LGBT selections for children and babies, and some items created by transgender-identifying designer “Erik” Carnell, who also sells explicitly satanic and pro-violence items.

Catholics and others with traditional values have also urged a boycott against the Los Angeles Dodgers’ baseball franchise for spotlighting an anti-Catholic troupe of drag queens who pretend to be nuns and perform blasphemous mockeries of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Other prominent corporations that have found themselves in the crosshairs for promoting radical LGBT ideology include Kohl’s, The North Face, and, earlier this year, Nike.