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(LifeSiteNews) — In a recent ad, mega-pharmaceutical company and prominent mRNA COVID-19 jab manufacturer Pfizer warned that depressed people, among an alleged 200 million American adults, continue to face high risk from the coronavirus. People who have at least one identified high risk factor are urged by the Big Pharma corporation to “make sure your vaccinations are up to date” in addition to other recommended actions.

Pfizer issued the warning in a 60-second video published January 25 that directed viewers to a website to help them plan for their updated injections and access other COVID mitigation measures.

In the ad, public figures took turns catching and tossing a ball made to look like a COVID virus while sharing what they said were their own unique risk factors connected to COVID.

In the beginning of the video, pro-abortion singer P!nk said she “would be in real trouble” if she contracted COVID because she suffers from asthma.

For his part, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps shared that he faces a higher risk from COVID because he has depression.

The ad concluded by directing viewers to the Pfizer-controlled website KnowPlanGo, which provides resources to help people schedule their COVID vaccination, identify risk factors, and obtain testing and treatment. Readers are also advised to plan for potential quarantine in case they test positive for the virus.

In a statement published on the website, Phelps said that in his “journey living with depression, I’ve learned a lot about how it can impact my overall health. But I was surprised to find out that depression puts me at high risk for severe COVID-19.”

“It’s important to know if you may have a high-risk factor and be ready to act should you test positive,” he said.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “[h]aving mood disorders, including depression, and schizophrenia spectrum disorders can make you more likely to get very sick from COVID-19.”

Visitors of the KnowPlanGo website are urged to “make sure your vaccinations are up to date” if they identify themselves as having a factor that puts them at high risk of severe COVID.

According to the drug company, 200 million American adults have at least one factor putting them at risk of severe COVID. There are roughly 258 million adults in the U.S., according to census data.

Meanwhile, Pfizer’s ad depicting public personalities tossing a coronavirus-shaped ball while sharing alleged personal risk profiles for severe COVID was far from its strangest in recent days and weeks.

In December, the company released a commercial featuring an evidently gender-confused young woman (with the words “they/them” tattooed on her arm) playing video games while talking about how she can help “save the world” in real life by volunteering as a clinical research subject for Pfizer.

Last month, the company released an ad starring Martha Stewart wielding a samurai sword and promoting COVID booster shots.

Another ad published by the corporation last week suggests that a wide range of human emotions including doubt, fear and sorrow can all be conquered by “science.”

The video depicts a variety of people who appear to be undergoing challenging experiences in life and ends with footage of lab workers testing samples.

As the video ends, a caption appears reading: “Science Will Win.”

The marketing of the shots comes despite the fact that many Americans continue to harbor concerns about the injections’ safety and efficacy, as well as ethical reservations about thuse of cells from aborted babies in the shots’ development.