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Help Christians to survive in Gaza: LifeFunder

(LifeSiteNews) — The Way of the Cross now resonates in a profound way for Christians in Gaza — not only are they short of basic necessities amid ongoing war, but most of their homes have been destroyed.

More than 650 refugees are taking shelter in the Holy Family Parish compound, where they can find consolation in remembering the sufferings of Our Lord Jesus Christ while praying the Via Crucis, shown in pictures by Auxiliary Bishop William Shomali of Jerusalem.

“What is moving is that these Catholics celebrate it this year while they live it in real life, having shortage of food, fuel, medicine, but not faith,” Bishop Shomali told LifeSiteNews.

“I thank you all for supporting these Christians to survive, and later to rebuild their life. All of them live in the parish compound. They cannot go to their houses, not only for the lack of security, but also because they have been destroyed. The unique safe place for them now is the parish,” he explained.

Help Christians in Gaza to survive ongoing war

The supply of food and basic necessities to Christians in Gaza is difficult because roads have been blockaded or destroyed, and direct aid can now be delivered only by helicopter. 

The community is also mourning the loss of two women in the compound who were killed in December by Israeli sniper fire.

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Bishop Shomali recently explained the situation of the Christians in Gaza and made an appeal to anyone capable of providing financial assistance, stating, “We are simply overwhelmed, and the means available to us are being depleted quickly, and I appeal for help from our friends to alleviate the suffering of their brothers and sisters in Gaza.”

Shomali shared with LifeSiteNews what the Christian community in Gaza will need beyond their most pressing needs for basic sustenance:

While we all know what we need to do when the hostilities end based on several previous war experiences, at the present time, it is impossible to quantify during a time of active war while the destruction and human loss is on the rise.

Below is a partial list of what the great post-war needs will be in broad terms:

  1. Psychosocial programs for the parish and the schools.
  2. Fixing damages that will arise in our immediate institutions:
    1. Zeitoun location: Church, parish facilities, school, Missionaries of Charity homes
    2. Remal – Holy Family School
    3. Al-Shate Refugee camp – Thomas Aquinas Center
  3. Fixing damages to homes of Christian families partially / severely destroyed
  4. Rental support for maybe 6 months to 1 year for families whose homes were completely destroyed.
  5. Cash support to families in desperate need to rebuild their lives.
  6. Food and hygiene packages to families.

Although our attention is currently focused on Gaza, part of our future intervention will have to take into consideration the grave needs developing on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem where the fragmentation of the West Bank and confining people to their immediate area of residence means that jobs in Israel are lost and, given the war conditions, all jobs in the tourism sector are lost.

Our immediate needs are to sustain those who are under our care during this active war and maintain their dignity. Given the gravity of the needs and after the blessing of His Beatitude Cardinal Pizzaballa, I appeal to you and through you to your generous donors to support us in this time of great need.

Any donation, regardless of its size will be most appreciated.

Any funds received will be fully utilized for the Gaza emergency and will be reported on with full transparency.

Many thanks in advance. You will be blessed abundantly for your generosity.


Monsignor William Hanna Shomali

Auxiliary Bishop

Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

Help Christians to survive in Gaza: LifeFunder