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 Photo Credit: Metro Crime Stoppers of Maryland/WBAL-TV 11/Twitter

Help Mark cover his costly medical bills: LifeFunder

BALTIMORE (LifeSiteNews) — A volunteer organization supporting the Baltimore City Police have released photos of the alleged suspect who brutally assaulted two elderly Catholic pro-life men outside an abortion facility last month.

LifeSiteNews previously reported that pro-life activists, Mark Crosby (73), and Dick Schafer (80), were attacked while engaging in their pro-life sidewalk ministry outside the Planned Parenthood abortion facility on North Howard Street in Baltimore. 

Schafer reportedly recovered at home, but Crosby went to the University of Maryland’s shock trauma facility to receive treatment for serious injuries to his skull and eye socket as well as his knees and fingers. Crosby’s right eye was blinded and he suffered a concussion.

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On Wednesday, Baltimore NBC affiliate WBAL-TV 11 reported that Metro Crime Stoppers of Maryland released photos of the suspected assailant.

The photos back up an earlier reported description of the suspect as a white male with brown hair and a beard wearing a gray t-shirt and blue jeans. The man in the photos is thought to be in his late twenties. The gray t-shirt appears to have a rainbow-colored image emblazoned on the back, however the quality of the screenshot makes it difficult to ascertain what the image is. 

Metro Crime Stoppers is offering a $2,000 reward for information on the suspect. Tipsters can call 866-7LOCKUP.

The development comes after LifeSiteNews broke the story of the attack against Crosby and Schafer late last month.

In comments to LifeSiteNews’ Jim Hale in a June 1 video report, Crosby and Schafer provided further description of the brutal attack.

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Crosby told Hale that he and Schafer were engaged in their pro-life ministry when an unknown man approached, told Crosby to stay in the street, handed his drink to an abortion “escort,” and then charged into Schafer who had his back to him, causing the pro-life activist to fall against a planter and hit the ground.

A witness said the suspect previously engaged in a “visibly aggressive conversation” with Schaefer before knocking him to the ground.

Schaefer said that he had been speaking with someone just before he was attacked, but couldn’t be sure of who assaulted him because he had his back turned at the time.

“When I got hit, I didn’t see anybody,” he said.

“He speared the one gentleman over that flowerpot into the window and knocked him out. He was out cold for several minutes,” one witness said, according to WBAL. The outlet noted that “[i]t’s believed the assailant didn’t like Schaefer’s anti-abortion message.”

“I was worried he was going to be thrown up into the plate-glass window, but he went through the planter,” Crosby told Hale. “Dick hit the ground. He kicks Dick, I come over to help. He grabs my medals and yanks them off. He didn’t get to my rosary.”

After rushing over to help Schafer, Crosby was “punched, knocked down, and kicked in the head,” according to the LifeFunder set up to help pay for his medical expenses.

“I went in there and he was on a gurney. His face was all swollen and bloody, blood all over his clothes,” Schafer said regarding Crosby, according to WBAL.

Help Mark cover his costly medical bills: LifeFunder