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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Pierre Poilievre, the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), placed fully pro-life MP Dr. Leslyn Lewis in his shadow cabinet along with multiple other life-affirming MPs.

According to a True North report, Lewis will take on the role of Poilievre’s critic for infrastructure and communities.

As His Majesty’s official opposition, the CPC has a shadow cabinet made up of MPs who keep tabs on the federal ministers in the official cabinet of the Liberal government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Currently, Canada’s minister for Infrastructure and Communities is Dominic LeBlanc. Lewis will soon be facing off against LeBlanc in debates in the House of Commons.

An official announcement regarding Poilievre’s shadow cabinet was made today.

“I am proud to announce our hard-working and strong team that will take on Trudeau and his costly coalition and their plans to continue to cripple the Canadian economy and make life more costly for Canadians,” Poilievre said.

Many other pro-life CPC MPs were placed Poilievre’s shadow cabinet, including Garnett Genuis, who will serve as shadow minister for International Development, and James Bezan, shadow minister for National Defence.

Other pro-life MPs on the shadow cabinet include shadow minister for Ethics and Accountable Government Michael Barrett and shadow minister for Public Services and Procurement Kelly Block.

Lewis’ placement is welcome news for social conservatives, who helped her finish a respectable third in the leadership race with 9.7 percent of vote.

Lewis was the sole pro-life candidate in the running with the full support of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC). She had repeatedly proclaimed her pro-life and family stance.

She ran a campaign on faith, freedom and family. She was not shy in speaking openly about abortion and euthanasia during her campaign as well as stating her objection to vaccine and travel mandates.

“I am pro-life, I believe that life is sacred and that every life should be treated with equal value, dignity and respect,” Lewis said.

LifeSiteNews, in a blog piece in early September, had noted it was odd that Poilievre left Lewis out of his initial leadership team, instead filling it with MPs who have anti-life and pro-LGBT voting records.

Poilievre ran on a platform saying he would remove “gatekeepers” and work hard to target inflation. He also said he would go after the influence the World Economic Forum (WEF) has on MPs.

However, CLC gave Poilievre a failing grade for his pro-abortion voting record.

Poilievre said that as Prime Minister, he would not introduce any pro-life legislation. However, he would allow his MPs to “speak their mind and offer their perspective.”

On September 10, the CPC elected Poilievre, who serves as an MP in Ottawa-Carlton, to lead the party after he took home 68 percent of the vote on the first ballot.