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Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights.

OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — After issuing an order for his MPs to not publicly comment on the Million Person March against LGBT indoctrination, Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leader Pierre Poilievre finally spoke out in favor of parental rights by blasting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for “demonizing concerned parents” who attended the protest.

“Justin Trudeau always divides to distract from all he has broken. This time, he is demonizing concerned parents,” Poilievre wrote on X (formerly Twitter) this afternoon.

Poilievre made clear that “Parents should be the final authority on the values and lessons that are taught to children.”

“Trudeau should butt out and let parents raise their kids,” he wrote.

Poilievre in his pro-parent message included an image of Trudeau’s X posting on Wednesday in which he condemned the pro-parent side of the march, saying the rejection of the LGBT dogma has “no place” in Canada.

Yesterday, LifeSiteNews reported on how CPC MPs at the federal level were directed to remain silent about the Million Person March, according to an internal memo.

The party faced a lot of online backlash because of this, and today’s posting from Poilievre appears to be a message to show that he heard his grassroots party members loud and clear.

On Wednesday, thousands of concerned Canadian parents, kids, and others from coast to coast marched in the Million Person March against LGBT indoctrination in the nation’s schools.

The protest was organized by Muslim Canadians and used the slogan “Leave our kids alone,” specifically regarding gender ideology, age-inappropriate sexual content in school libraries, and LGBT propaganda.

The marches in most Canadian cities were peaceful. However, there were some reports of assaults on protesters by LGBT-aligning counter-protesters.

Other Conservative MPs blast Trudeau’s divisive ‘name calling’ of concerned parents

Today, other CPC MPs broke their silence and spoke their minds regarding the Million Person March, after Poilievre posted his pro-parent message.

“Once again Justin Trudeau resorts to divisive name calling and telling Canadians with deep religious/ethical convictions that they have no place in Canada,” CPC Lianne Rood wrote on X (formerly Twitter), who re-posted Poilievre’s X message.

“When a government pushes its values to the point where it overrides parental authority, we have a big government problem,” she added.

Rood also wrote that it’s “time” for the “government to step back and recognize that Canadian parents have the final say.”

“Values, faith, and beliefs are parents’ jurisdiction. NOT the government’s. This is not hate. This is #CommonSense.”

Support among CPC grassroots members shows that the main people in the party overwhelmingly support parental rights in all forms, as could be seen from the party’s most recent national convention.

Yesterday, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith refused to expel a caucus member who attended the Million Person March against LGBT indoctrination, adding that she is “sympathetic to parents” who do not want their kids taught explicit sexual content in school.

In the aftermath of the Million Person March, pro-family Canadians gathered in Toronto today to protest against extreme LGBT gender indoctrination being taught in schools.

In attendance was Josh Alexander and social media was abuzz with a video showing Alexander’s brother, Nick, with a bloody face after allegedly getting punched in the face by a pro-trans protester at pro-family rally outside a Toronto school.