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Send a note thanking Danielle Smith for recent pro-family policies today

KITCHENER, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre declared Wednesday that “female spaces should be exclusively for females,” but stopped short of promising legislation to protect women.  

During a February 21 press conference in Kitchener, Ontario, Poilievre defended women from being forced to share spaces with men who claim to be women, but insisted that introducing legislation to protect women is not the role of the federal government.  

“Will you make female safe spaces safe again by introducing legislation that bans so-called transgender women from participating in female sports and getting access into female shelters and female prisons?” Rebel News journalist David Menzies questioned. 

“Female spaces should be exclusively for females, not for biological males,” Poilievre responded.  

However, Poilievre did not commit to introducing any changes to current policies, noting that those spaces are usually governed by provincial and municipal governments.  

“So it is unclear what reach federal legislation would have to change them,” he explained. “But obviously, female sports, female change rooms, female bathrooms, should be for females. Not biological males.”  

Poilievre’s comments come after Alberta Premier Danielle Smith announced what is perhaps the strongest pro-family legislation in Canada, protecting women and girls from being forced to compete against men in sports, as well as placing bans or limitations on the surgical and chemical mutilation of minors in the province. 

Smith immediately received enormous support from Canadians, while Poilievre initially remained silent, even reportedly instructing his federal Conservative MPs to stay silent as well.

After backlash from pro-family Canadians, including People’s Party leader Maxime Bernier, activist “Billboard Chris” Elston and LifeSiteNews, Poilievre broke his silence, telling reporters he believes parents should raise kids, a seeming nod to Smith’s policies.

Shortly thereafter, Poilievre made a stronger statement, clarifying that he opposes “puberty blockers” for minors. 

Poilievre has, in the past, openly voiced his support for homosexual “marriage,” and just recently his wife made headlines for championing the couple’s pro-abortion views.

He also has a track-record of voting for anti-family policies related to gender ideology, including the misleadingly dubbed “conversion therapy ban” passed by Parliament in 2021, which many experts warn could target Christians and parents who dissent from the LGBT agenda.

Send a note thanking Danielle Smith for recent pro-family policies today