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Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights.

OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) –– Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MPs were directed to remain silent about the Million Person March against LGBT indoctrination which took place nationwide yesterday, according to an internal memo.  

The Canadian Press reported Wednesday that it had obtained a copy of the memo sent by Opposition leader Pierre Poilievre’s office to all MPs in his caucus, warning them to not make any public comments, on social media or to the press, regarding the massive pro-family protest movement.  

Additionally, MPs were reportedly given party talking points regarding the Million Person March, which explained what they could, or could not say, to any of their constituents regarding the demonstrations if asked. 

The memo to MPs is said to have stated that protesters have “legitimate points to make” regarding the issue of “parental rights” concerning the education of one’s children in public schools, but nonetheless told MPs to refrain for making any statements publicly. 

Yesterday, thousands of concerned Canadian parents, kids, and others from coast to coast marched in the Million Person March against LGBT indoctrination in the nation’s schools. 

The protest was organized by Muslim Canadians and used the slogan, “Leave our kids alone,” specifically regarding gender ideology, age-inappropriate sexual content in school libraries, and LGBT propaganda.    

The marches in most Canadian cities were peaceful, however, there were some reports of assaults on protesters by LGBT aligning counter-protesters.  

While it is common for party brass to issue talking points to its MPs, the Million Person March was a national phenomenon, the likes of which had not been seen before notwithstanding last year’s Freedom Convoy.

While no current CPC MPs were onsite at the protest, a former CPC cabinet minister, Maxime Bernier, made it a point to attend the main march location in Ottawa.  

Bernier, who now leads the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), yesterday told concerned parents and others attending the Million Person March that there are only two “sexes” and that “common sense will prevail” in the gender debate. 

He also called out the fact that no other “establishment politicians” had the courage to stand up for parental rights.  

“Because we know, that’s something that each establishment politician cannot say, or they don’t have the courage to say, that there are only two sexes in this country, and you cannot change this,” he said.   

Liberal Prime Minster Justin Trudeau condemned the pro-parent side of the march, saying the rejection of the LGBT dogma has “no place” in Canada. 

‘Where’s Pierre?’ 

As for Poilievre, he was dead silent regarding the march, despite the fact that even recent mainstream polls show that most Canadians support parental rights in education, and believe there are only “two genders,” male and female. 

For his silence, some took to social media calling him out on a “missed” opportunity, using a caricature of “Where’s Waldo” by changing it to “Where’s Pierre.”  

Support amongst CPC grassroots members shows that the main people in the party overwhelmingly support parental rights in all forms, as could be seen from the party’s most recent national convention. 

At the convention, held earlier this month, CPC party members voted in favor of 13 pro-family policy resolutions including supporting a ban on irreversible so-called gender “transitions” for minors, protecting women’s spaces in sports, and supporting bodily autonomy when it comes to taking vaccines.