By John-Henry Westen

WASHINGTON, DC, March 28, 2008 ( – The newly released Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) 2006-2007 annual report shows that the abortion behemoth has increased the number of abortions it committed from 264,943 in 2005 to 289,650 in 2006.  Total revenue amounted to over one billion dollars, with the organization’s profit margin – “excess of revenue over expenses” – soaring from $55.7 million in 2005 to $112 million in 2006.  Taxpayer dollars played a major role in that profit with the report acknowledging the organization received over $336 million in government grants and contracts.

The massive government funding of the controversial agency comes despite its having been caught red-handed in illegal activity by various sting operations.  Beginning in 2002 with the efforts of the pro-life group Life Dynamics, Planned Parenthood (PP) clinics across the country were caught on tape counseling actors posing as pregnant young girls seeking abortions to conceal the ages of their adult sexual partners since state laws would have required reporting of statutory rape. 

Such sting operations have been repeated more recently with more modern surveillance equipment but with similar results.  Last year Lila Rose, then 18 and a sophomore at the University of California Los Angeles, entered a local PP clinic with a hidden video recorder. Rose posed as a pregnant 15-year-old accompanied by her 23-year-old “boyfriend” played by James O’Keefe.

The video documents a staffer breaking California law, which requires clinics to report sexual abuse, including statutory rape where the victim is under 16 years old. In the meeting between Rose and an anonymous PPLA employee, the staffer told Rose: “If you’re 15, we have to report it … If you’re not, if you’re older than that, then we don’t need to.”  Rose says: “Okay, but if I just say I’m not 15, then it’s different?” The PPLA staffer responds: “You could say 16 … Just figure out a birth date that works. And I don’t know anything.” (see coverage: )

Most recently Planned Parenthood was caught on tape accepting the donation of an actor posing as a racist hoping to fund the abortion of an African-American baby.  An actor playing a white racist was able to give money to the group for the specific purpose of eliminating a black baby who might someday rob the apparent donor’s son of a spot in college because of “affirmative action”.  (see coverage:

The PPFA annual report proudly includes on its last page that the organization was “Founded by Margaret Sanger in 1916 – more than 90 years ago – as America’s first birth control clinic.”  That is the same Margaret Sanger who once stated, “We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

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