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 Claire Chretien / LifeSiteNews

KALAMAZOO, Michigan, April 25, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — With the National Day of Prayer and Protest against Planned Parenthood coming this weekend, the abortion giant is encouraging its supporters to remain calm.

On Friday and Saturday, pro-lifers across the country will gather at local Planned Parenthood clinics to pray. #ProtestPP is sponsoring prayer vigils, marches, demonstrations, and rallies for life.

“We will call on our leaders in Washington to defund Planned Parenthood — the nation’s largest abortion provider — and redirect all their federal taxpayer funding to comprehensive health centers that are not involved in abortion,” the ProtestPP website explains.

In the past, however, peaceful, praying pro-lifers were met with angry and sometimes violent counter-protesters. The pro-abortionists sought to disrupt pro-life prayers.

One example was caught on video February 11 in Detroit, where Planned Parenthood supporters became “obnoxious, vulgar, obscene and rude — indeed they acted like bullies toward those with whom they disagree,” a video poster related. “Notice the 'F' word shouted out by abortion supporters in an attempt to drown out the pro-lifers peacefully praying.”

In light of past incidents, at least one Planned Parenthood official is asking supporters not to counter-demonstrate.  

Megan Zapinski, program manager for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan, sent out a notice to supporters urging them to stay away.

“Planned Parenthood of Michigan has non-engagement and No Counter Protest Policies, especially as it pertains to demonstrations at our health centers,” she wrote. “These demonstrations, whether in support of or opposition to Planned Parenthood, are disruptive to daily operations and intimidating for our patients.”

One pro-life leader explained why Planned Parenthood would be afraid to encourage counter-protesting. “They let their real concern slip in a Cosmopolitan interview: 'All it takes one person to react to an “anti” and things can escalate very quickly.' They know that if (when) their supporters get violent, it will reflect badly on Planned Parenthood.”

“I recommend having a designated person record video at every location,” the pro-lifer concluded.

Zapinski's notice to supporters asked them to show support for abortion “in other ways than counter-protesting.” She suggested an “action or rally” at a local Congressional office, asking questions at a member of Congress' event, gathering signatures in support of Planned Parenthood, writing to members of Congress, calling a radio talk show, writing a letter to the editor, and donating money to the ucrative abortion conglomerate.  

To find a pro-life #ProtestPP in your area, click here.