OTTAWA, October 28, 2005 ( – A majority of Planned Parenthood Canada offices have opted to change their name in a bid to attract new clientele. Twenty of 23 offices nation-wide will now be known as the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health. Offices in Toronto, Ottawa, and Windsor, refused to follow suit.

Executive Director Linda Capperauld said the decision was made because of research revealing that the public is largely misinformed about their so-called services. “A lot of young people thought they would only turn to us if they were ready to start having children,” she said, according to a Globe and Mail report. “They didn’t see that we had a much broader focus and broader range of services.” Capperauld said the new focus highlights such things as their anti-homophobia agenda.

Ottawa Planned Parenthood director Tracey Davidson liked the new name, even though their office has chosen not to adopt it. “Planned Parenthood is an old name, and it speaks to those old days of family planning and all those terms that may not be used as commonly today,” Davidson said.

“It appears that each pro-abortion organization in Canada is trying to resurrect their flagging image by re-naming themselves,” commented Campaign Life Coalition National Organizer Mary Ellen Douglas. “On October 19th it was Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL) and now Planned Parenthood of Canada.” (CARAL officially closed its doors to reopen under the name The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) last week.)

“The most telling comment in the Globe and Mail article was from Linda Capperauld, their executive director who said, ‘A lot of young people thought they would only turn to us if they were ready to start having children…’” Douglas continued. “We know that the role of Planned Parenthood by any other name is to destroy children. They are the largest promoters of abortion in Canada and throughout the world through their affiliates.”

“Planned Parenthood in Toronto, Ottawa and Windsor are not changing their name and they point out that they receive large government grants,” Douglas added. “Why is the federal government funding a group such as this to the tune of 80% of the Toronto groups $2.3-million operating budget? Why are they operating as a charitable organization? It is a well known fact that Planned Parenthood has its roots in the eugenics movement. Not one cent of tax money should be going to this organization, whether under its new name which plans to focus on ‘sexually transmitted diseases and anti-homophobia outreach’ and under its old name whose role was to prevent and destroy children.”

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