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 Planned Parenthood/YouTube screenshot

(LifeSiteNews) — A gender-confused woman who goes by the name “Lucky” thanked Planned Parenthood for both her abortion and giving her “gender-affirming care.”

The abortion giant posted the video to kick off “Pride Month,” the annual celebration in June of the LGBT agenda, which is also named for the deadliest sin.

Planned Parenthood said it wanted to share her story to help ensure abortion becomes “normalized.”

“When it comes to your abortion, any reason is the right reason,” Planned Parenthood tweeted. “Telling your abortion story is important, and the more we talk about this essential form of health care [sic], the more normalized it becomes.”

“Hi, my name is ‘Lucky.’ I’ve had an abortion and I get gender-affirming care [sic] from Planned Parenthood. I wound up in a very, very difficult relationship. And within three months, I found out that I was pregnant,” the gender-confused woman says. “I was like, ‘oh, no.'”

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She said her “abortion was one of the greatest acts of compassion” she had “ever committed.”

“It was an easy decision, and it was a decision that for the friends I had told I was ‘trans,’ they were like, ‘Get it!’ ‘You know, that’s fine. Like, great!’” she said.

“And it was just one of the best decisions I had ever made. Ever in my life,” she continued.

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“I tell my abortion story because people need to understand that it’s not just a women’s rights issue,” the woman concluded. “It is a people’s rights issue.”