NEW YORK, December 4, 2002 ( - “Once again, Planned Parenthood is displaying its true colors for all to see, publishing outright blasphemy just weeks before the Christian world celebrates the birth of Christ the Savior,” said Ed Szymkowiak, national director of STOPP International (a project of American Life League). “Planned Parenthood has publicly indicated its religion is ‘choice,’ and its sacrament is abortion.”

In a letter to Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News Channel program, Planned Parenthood speaks of the “sacredness of choice,” and in another letter it proclaims that “Jesus was for…choice on earth.” Szymkowiak said, “It is clear that Planned Parenthood sees abortion as a necessary part of its humanist religion—a religion it embraces with such zealotry that it now brazenly parades this ridiculous falsehood before the American people.”

Planned Parenthood tried to discredit STOPP’s effort to expose the pro-abortion organization’s attempt to raise funds by selling greeting cards and T-shirts featuring the slogan, “Choice on Earth.” O’Reilly helped fuel the outrage against this slap at Christianity when he mentioned the cards on his program, “The O’Reilly Factor.” Planned Parenthood then ratcheted up the rhetoric against STOPP and is now engaged in an outright attack on Christianity and its Founder.

“I defy either Planned Parenthood president Gloria Feldt or her clergy advisory board member, Rev. Mark Bigelow, to cite chapter and verse to support Rev. Bigelow’s perverse claim that the Bible indicates ‘that Jesus was not against women having a choice in continuing a pregnancy,’” said Szymkowiak.

STOPP is calling on “all good Christians to rise up against Planned Parenthood and work to close each of its 842 clinics. In order to accomplish this task, we must also insist that local, state and federal governments quit using our tax dollars to fund this anti-Christian organization,” said Szymkowiak. “With these blatant attacks on Jesus Christ, our Savior, Planned Parenthood has shown its true agenda. Christians must remind Planned Parenthood that it is not ‘choice’ that is sacred but life.”

See the letter to O"Reilly:

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