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DUBUQUE COUNTY, Iowa, January 27, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — The forthcoming closure of a local abortion facility is “very good news,” an Iowa pro-life activist says.

However, while the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Dubuque will not provide surgical abortions effective immediately, telemed abortions will still take place until the building is sold, a spokesperson for the abortion giant told THOnline.

In the meantime, Dubuque County Right to Life Executive Director Marian Bourek told THOnline that she is “delighted the truth is prevailing, and we’re happy to assist in any way we can to provide alternatives to the taking of the lives of innocent babies.”

Planned Parenthood's business has been flat at the location for some time, which led to the closure.

“We will probably put our efforts in Cedar Rapids and will continue to spread the pro-life message,” said Bourek, who also stated her group has helped save 19 babies from death in the womb at the location since 2008. “We have plenty of work to do without spending our time peacefully protesting, but will help other areas that still have (Planned Parenthood) or other abortion facilities in their communities.”

Former Planned Parenthood of the Heartland board member Ann Straley claimed the clinic's closure would make it more difficult for poor women who want abortions, as they will have to travel 70 miles to the nearest location in Cedar Rapids. That location, according to Planned Parenthood spokesperson Angie Remington, has been growing.

Bourek wasn't the only pro-life advocate cheering the closure. Sixty-five-year-old Ellen Markham said that “all the services Planned Parenthood offers — other than abortion — are available elsewhere in Dubuque, and there are others that utilize federal funds to provide services on a sliding scale.”

“And we will do whatever we can to help women in crisis pregnancies,” said Markham, who participated in last week's March for Life.

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum also responded to the news, saying that he would “like to see a lot of Planned Parenthoods closed and be replaced with clinics that provide good, solid, comprehensive women's health care that don't do abortions.”