BUFFALO, NY, Oct 8 (LSN) – Buffalo news reported yesterday that Dr. Rafael G. Cunanan Jr., director of Planned Parenthood of Niagara County was find $1,000 by the state of NY for two unasked-for abortions and one mistaken sterilization. Cunanan, who was the chief of obstetrics and gynecology at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, has been placed on probation for four years, during which another physician must monitor his work by the NY State Board for Professional Medical Conduct.

Investigators revealed that “Cunanan performed a dilatation and curettage, and a suction curettage on a patient in 1991’’ but “failed to obtain a pregnancy test beforehand’’ a similar incident occurred in 1990. State investigators also said Cunanan performed a tubal sterilization on a young woman in 1984 without consent and then paid her to keep silent.